Monday, February 05, 2007

Toshiba-Japan 2nd Interview

Yesterday was my 2nd interview for Toshiba Japan. This interview is important because it would lead me to the final string of interviews and hopefully a job offer in Japan; assuming that I pass. The 2nd interview was a technical interview wherein we were to present our research projects to the panel.

Allan Gordon, my thesis mate, had his interview last Saturday, which is a day earlier than mine so I was able to get some info on what to expect at the interview. Since we are going to present our thesis, I have no need to practice. From eee190 up to the EECCE Conference, we had been presenting our thesis so I almost know it by heart.

The day before the interview, I just played tennis and even bought a new racquet (read previous post). It was only at about 12am that I started 'preparing' for the interview. I planned to bring my laptop and use our presentation slides for the interview. I just cut short the slides in order to make the presentation brief and concise and save them from all the other technicalities.

Just as I was about to get my sleep, I suddenly felt cold. I really felt that I was going to be ill. As I woke up the following morning, my throat is already burning. Since I haven't really prepared my things yet for the interview, I only ate an ube ensaymada along with calamansi juice and strepsils for breakfast. My time for interview was 1240pm, so I had to start commuting at about 11am; thus, I also have not eaten for lunch.

I did not bring the strepsils with me because it makes my mouth reddish because of the red coloring. At the MRT, I just bought bottled water to ease my throat pains. I arrived at Dusit Hotel Nikko at about 12am, almost an hour earlier than my scheduled interview.

One by one, other interviewees arrived. I got to chat with an Atenista named MarkWong who seemed to be a bit unsettled and not Atenista-like. Atenistas are stereotypically known for being open and eloquent. For MarkWong, he was the other way around. He says he is not even confident with his english; that he would be happy if the interviewer would be Japanese (also not good in English).

Another came, a guy from La Salle (I forgot his name). Mark and Mr. Lasalista knew each other because they are both reviewees at Excel. So the triad is complete, UP-La Salle-Ateneo. I don't think UST was among the invited schools of Toshiba. So I guess these 3 are considered to be the top 3 schools in the Philippines.

So, I got interviewed at about 1pm. There were 3 other people inside the interview room, a Japanese guy, a motherly Filipina, and a young Filipino guy. The Japanese is the main interviewer, and is involved in the software arm of Toshiba. The motherly Filipina seemed to be a head HR of some sort. I used the adjective motherly because it was very refreshing to look at her. She had a motherly smile and was really kind. The young Filipino guy is actually a Japanese interpreter.

The interview went well, I suppose. Since our thesis project was about Dual-Core technology, the Japanese surely could relate well. If ever I wouldn't be 'promoted' to the 3rd interview, I guess it should be because the position I am applying for (Design and EDA) is really out of reach. I mean, microelectronics education is barely starting here in the Philippines (a first for UP IML), and I may have no chance compared to other countries such as India, Japan and other technological countries. Just as I've posted earlier, this is an international hiring. But, just in case I could not fit for Design and EDA, I hope they would consider me for my other 2 choices which is PC & Networks and Technical Marketing.

One question that was asked to me by the motherly Filipina was "what do I prefer, software or hardware"? I answered Hardware. I hope they know that I meant hardware design/programming and not hardware as related to production/manufacturing. I hope I also don't get negative points from the Japanese who is a software guy. Another minor boo-boo in the interview is that I've kept on using the phrase "As I've said earlier". I don't know if using that phrase is right, I hope I didn't sound inappropriate. I just wanted to point out my previous statements that could answer their question.

My interview lasted for about 40 minutes. MarkWong, who had a parallel interview with mine, was not yet finished. I rushed towards home (dorm) as I feel so weak already. All the time, my throat was burning, good thing I was still able to attend the interview.

My immune system had been weakened, plus the fact that I have not eaten a decent meal yet. Good thing I did not collapse in the MRT. I have my laptop with me, and collapsing in the MRT would lead to its probable loss, hehehe. I dropped by again at SC to buy Tapsilog at Rodic's, then went straight to bed afterwards. I did not eat yet as I was too weak and I was already having a slight fever. As soon as I woke up, I forced myself to eat the Tapsilog I bought earlier. At first, I felt nauseous. I seemed to have no appetite then I remembered my Amoebic days. I forced myself to eat in order to regain strength. While eating I also took in some biogesic to ease my fever. Afterwards, I felt better. Thank God.

byouki ga arimasune. demo ima kimochi chotto yoku narimashita!
(びょうき が ありますね。 でも 今  ちょっと よく なりました)
I have an illness. Though I feel better right now.

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