Saturday, April 29, 2006

Working for Mothers' Day

It's final. Yesterday, I had just signed the contract with ePLDT. It's a 10-day contract, and of course, with pay. I was expecting that the summer job that I had applied for would have a duration of 1 month. My dilemma (over Symphony and ePLDT) had just been resolved when I learned that it's just for 2 weeks (5days a week, 9hours w/ break). Not bad, I can say.

Why only 10 days? Aside from the fact that it is only a summer job, the account given to us is Teleflora We'll be working from May 1 - 13. In time for Mothers' day, which is on the 14th.

Now, my next problem is on how to apply for my SSS, TIN, etc. I don't even have a copy of my birth certificate. hahahaha... What a loser.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

ePLDT or Symphony?

I am having another dilemma today. And it involves my future summer work schedule. We already have been accepted in ePLDT for a summer job, and we're only a step away from contract signing. Early this morning, I just discovered a summer job training with Symphony, and the job descriptions are right smack what I wanted to experience (wrt FPGA, VHDL, etc...). Shall I continue with ePLDT or pursue Symphony instead? I do hope I could settle this dilemma ASAP. So help me God.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What's in Store for Me This Summer

As I am not enrolled for any subject this summer, we should at least be able to finish our CoE141 project and to start working on our thesis. I find it hard to continue with our 32-bit adder (CoE141 project) since I had to study it all over again. I just hope we could finish it as early as possible. As for our thesis, we no longer have the weekly formal progress reports since IML faculty are mostly unavailable for the summer. We still do have to report our progress weekly via email.

I have not been productive this summer ever since, that was why I had decided to look for a part-time job. I got in a summer job instead, wherein my schedule is still pending. I am thinking ways on how to work around my schedule since I expect that I would be working in the graveyard shift. I am a bit worried of how I could manage some time for my thesis. After all, this should be my top priority.

Everything's not final, anyway, as I still have doubts over my schedule. My motivations for working are for the different kinds of experience I can get outside schooling. From going to the interviews alone, it would help in improving my sense of direction as I believe it is one of my weakest traits.

Aside from work (w/c includes thesis), I guess part of my summer would be celebrations and outings. Most of my contemporaries graduated anyway. I do look forward to one of the beach parties with them.

Sigh. Summer time is short. It's already near the end of April; thus, barely one month to squeeze all these things. I just do hope to remain productive and to maintain control all over things.

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Friday, April 21, 2006

My Very First Job Interview

Early this morning, Niño and I applied at PLDT (along Boni Ave in Mandaluyong City) for a part time job. Funny thing is, we did not know what to apply for in the first place. We just know it's some sort of a call center thing. Matet referred us to that place since she already got in.

It is rare for me to go out of campus (to commute to specific places) so I insisted my companion that we meet @ EEE. I thought it would be better to wait for each other (esp. if one did not wake up early) in our respective labs rather than in a public place. He commuted all the way from Taguig...hehehehe...well, as per agreement that I pay for his initial fare and he prints some of my resumes.

Inside the PLDT building, we were then assigned to a certain room along with other applicants. I had noticed some applicants who may be a decade older than I am, some are already graduates, while the others are aiming for part-time (like me). I am amused by these kind of events wherein I am able to observe people from other walks of life. I also find it funny when we were asked to count off, some of the applicants already had the manner of saying their numbers with "twangs" (e.g. fo'-teen) in their accent. As if it would count.

So, for the first round, we took a written exam. It is basically a grammar exam where you get to cross out the wrong word and replace it with what it should be, otherwise write 'correct'. Easy. It's English IV (high school) level. Come to think of it, my UP curriculum did not contain any required "College English" subject. Well, UP is very good in assumptions anyway.

I felt a bit of pressure in the exam not because it is hard, but because I MUST pass (or even ACE) it! Carrying the 'UP name' indeed gives you some pressure. After a while, results came out, and some did not make it. Their exit was that like of a reality TV show wherein they seemed like being booted out for not garnering enough votes. I am a man of pride, and I could never imagine myself failing in that kind of exam. Good thing I didn't.

Next round was the interview. I had already experienced plenty of interviews in UP, but another kind of pressure was built inside of me. I am applying for a call center job therefore I must speak in straight English. It's not a problem actually since I grew up as a native English speaker, but then I am no longer accustomed to since everybody in my environment had been speaking in Filipino. I still do think in English but my mouth couldn't follow to sputter fluently what's all in my mind. There always had been a conscious effort. What added to the pressure was a serious-looking lady interviewer. She seemed to care nothing less to the applicants. If I were to choose, I would had chosen Niño's gay interviewer instead. Niño told me that his interview was just like some sort of chit-chat. Well, in the end, I did pass... she only made me read a paragraph, and that was it!

So, we are now done in the phase 1 of the application process. I've realized that there was really no effort poured in my side. I mean, it's just that easy! Well, I guess there is also this confidence of being in UP (even if Im not yet a grad). We are to report again to their Makati office for the final interview on Monday. Up to this point, we don't even know our salary rates and the required working hours. I just hope that it would be worth our time for the remaining of the summer term.

Imagine, even for such a relatively simple job application, you can still feel some pressure in it. Well, mostly for not being disgraced into failing the interview that is. What more if applying for the REAL job that could be your future, your career! Our applications are at least queued to a good number of slots, but when you apply for a real job, expect that the applicant next to you would be your enemy. hehehehe...

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Help Wanted: Part-Time Job

I am not enrolled in any subject this summer semester yet I still live in the campus dormitory. Illegal? Nope, I just simply applied for "Residency w/o Lib" [class code:88888]; written it down on my form 5 and just paid Php40.00. As easy as it may seem, it is only applicable for those who no longer have any required unit to enroll but still have something to do in the University. I needed one for the sake of being admitted in the dormitory this summer. In my case, I have 8 remaining units to enroll and nothing is offered for this summer. I do need to start on our group thesis and also work for the completion of our CoE141 (Brent-Kung Adder Implementation), that is why I am not on vacation.

It is I who have control over my schedule since I am not listed in any class. Ideally, we'd be concentrated only with our thesis; but, I am pretty sure it would be impossible that I could focus on it for a whole day (and night). I do need a diversion.

It has been decided that I should take on a part-time job. The problem is where? Since my priority would be our thesis (+ CoE141 proj), I could only afford to divert a small part of my daily schedule. As for me, the most favorable job at this moment would be a part-time job within a call center. I assume that I would be allotting at least 5 hrs daily, and still get a pay which could be more or less Php6,000 maybe. It would be not bad since it's just like taking a 6-units for summer (which was done by previous 198ers). Not bad, that I hope it would push through.

Originally, I had planned to take extra units in order to learn and build myself up for other higher degrees (e.g. Accounting 1, Language electives, etc.), but then I thought I also needed some work experience (+some cash) too. The idea of internship came in. The EEE department is focused in R&D so OJT is not required for us students. My goal for internship would then be work experience. We already had sent our resumes to HP but then I realized that internship would eat most of my time, most likely it would be an 8-hour job. It is not economical for me since I'd use up a lot of time with less pay (if even there is).

IMO, the balance of having sufficient pay with good work experience can be found at ASTI. I'd be happy if they would have an opening for me. Actually, maybe any Student Assistant work, I'd like to apply for it.

This week, I'm going to try to search for some part-time jobs in call centers. Wish us luck!

I guess, I just want to remain sane, that's all. I don't want thesis to drive me nuts! I may need air to breath and people to socialize with. :D

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Warty the Warthog

Meet my new friend (or enema?), Warty the Warthog. It's the name of the Ubuntu Linux version I am currently using. He is the first animal (version) to be released and that I think is one of the reasons I am getting some headaches.

Over the Holy Week, I have done nothing other than do some tweaking with this Linux kernel. UP Campus had been virtually a ghost town, I could hardly eat because it would be rare to find open establishments.

Going back to Ubuntu, I have found out that merely installing the base OS would not provide you with the used to multimedia applications. As of now, I still could not play video files. The usual *.mp3, *.avi and such files are viewed to be restricted formats that is why you have to manually install the packages that could help you open it.

If I still would push through with this Ubuntu thing, I'd better get the latest reliable version, Dapper Drake. The way they advertise Ubuntu, it's some sort of OS for everybody. I'd say it's not yet that user-friendly.

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Friday, April 14, 2006


"I am what I am because of who we all are".

Nothing much to think about, but this is just the African meaning of Ubuntu, fyi.

Much to my dismay, I already had reformatted my hard drive, therefore losing all my files. I do hope there were no important files that only the disk had. Well, I really did not want to lose my files (esp. my movie downloads), but I became desperate into using my old computer over the Holy Week. My Windows 2000 had crashed before and ever since, I had just plugged in my hard drive into my roommate's PC instead. I had a hard time reinstalling Windows OS, my cd installers got to be defective for some unknown reason (wear and tear?). The reformatting was a result of win98's setup which required reconfiguration of my partitions. I can't access the NTFS partition only using the win98 boot program.

With all the difficulty with the installation of Windows, I suddenly tried the Ubuntu Linux I got from CNL. My CPU is an old AMD K6-2 500Mhz; I don't know how it shall fare. At least now, I have internet access into my room as I already have my PC up and running. I may not enjoy multimedia benefits, but at least one of my goals nowadays is to make myself well-versed with softwares such as Linux and maybe some other kinds of programming.

My blog was originally aimed into something techie, but it always turned out to be my ranting section due to my academics. Once in a while, I may be some kind of an amateur (pro)blogger. I kinda want to write, but I just don't know on what topic. Well, I guess, this is one of the effects of not having anything yet worthwhile to do for the summer.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Summer Dilemma

It's summer time once again, but this one's going to be different.  This should have been the summer where I should only relax and have fun.  That would only happen if I will graduate on time.  It has been final.  I am delayed, not for 1 but 2 sems!  No thanks to Ma'am Joy and CoE 113.  I just don't know how to utilize the remaining 8 units for a whole academic year.  The only chance of reducing my delay would be when CoE113 be offered next semester. 
I now have the summer dilemma of what to do this April-May, thesis aside.  I'm here for my thesis but I believe I have to do some other thing worthwhile.  I believe that it would be impossible for me to think only of my thesis almost 24/7.  I need some sort of diversion.  Enrolment have started that I have to decide whether I shall enroll in a subject or not.  A summer job/ internship is among my options, but still there have been no results yet ( as for my application for HP internship is concerned).
So anybody got a "raket" for me?  Just for kicks.  If it pays, well and good.

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