Sunday, April 16, 2006

Warty the Warthog

Meet my new friend (or enema?), Warty the Warthog. It's the name of the Ubuntu Linux version I am currently using. He is the first animal (version) to be released and that I think is one of the reasons I am getting some headaches.

Over the Holy Week, I have done nothing other than do some tweaking with this Linux kernel. UP Campus had been virtually a ghost town, I could hardly eat because it would be rare to find open establishments.

Going back to Ubuntu, I have found out that merely installing the base OS would not provide you with the used to multimedia applications. As of now, I still could not play video files. The usual *.mp3, *.avi and such files are viewed to be restricted formats that is why you have to manually install the packages that could help you open it.

If I still would push through with this Ubuntu thing, I'd better get the latest reliable version, Dapper Drake. The way they advertise Ubuntu, it's some sort of OS for everybody. I'd say it's not yet that user-friendly.

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