Sunday, February 26, 2006

State of Emergency

Last Friday, all classes were suspended because of an attempted coup against the current Arroyo administration.  Eventually, the President  declared a State of Emergency in which the administration thought of in order to halt possible hostile takeovers.  This happened on the day of the 20th Anniversary of the EDSA Revolution.   Those who wanted to commemorate the anniversary seemed to have thought of redoing  instead of just reenacting the whole event.  As of this writing, 'she' is still President, alive and kickin'.
About a decade ago, you would never expect Gloria Arroyo to bear this kind of hatred among Filipinos.  In fact, she even became number one in the senatorial polls.  I remember one of her calendar posters with a one line caption bearing, " Mahal Ko Kayong Lahat".  The poster perhaps passes on a motherly image; a leader who is loving and very much concerned on her flock.
Politics really changes it all.  Did she change, or is it just the perception of the people.  Despite the rising peso and a more stable economy,  this kind of chaos happens.  I don't get the timing.  Politics ruins instead of improving everything.  I would understand if this happened during the height of the Hello-Garci scandal;  the hell, why are they doing this at a time when the economy has a big chance of recovering!  If their reason is that it is timely in  rekindling the spirit of EDSA revolution, then it's all bullshit.  At these points in time, Filipinos show their shallowness, crab-mentality and ignorance.  We never learn.

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