Sunday, January 29, 2006

When Will the Fun Begin?

I really want to blog about something nice, funny, trivial, etc... but the thing is I have been stucked all the way with acad work. All of my spare time is spent on screen sucking (Thanks Fil for the relatively new term).  Overnights at IML become more frequent as all other requirements from different subjects rush in.  For the record, it had been only 2 nights last week that I was able to sleep in my dorm room.

Last week, I was practically owned by my CoE 113 subject (Computer Architecture).  Monday was our exam, then I did my MP from Monday night to Friday.  Actually, I really have just started with the actual coding on Wednesday night.  The first two nights were spent on the planning of the ALU implementation and the learning of the Verilog syntax.  I'm envious to Elma that she had finished her MP days earlier. As for me, I rushed things out and I'm not happy with the result.  Oh I just hope I can get a decent grade here and in the exams (where I don't feel like reading the solution set uploaded in UVLE).

One thing that bothered me is that I am no longer capable to multitask with my subjects.  I had devoted last week solely to CoE 113 that I was unable to submit a problem set for EEE 107 (Communications).  The hw in EE 275 (Data Communications I) I just copied.  It's just like the feeling of getting old and being incapable of doing things that we were able to do when we were younger.  Come on please... I gotta get hold of myself and finish my last batch of lecture subjects this sem.  I really can't wait for thesis (CoE 198) next sem, well mainly because it would be my only remaining units.

My lust for graduation is not because I think that my life would be easier.  It's just that I think I'm already tired of "surviving" EEE.  I would compare it to a marathon that I would still want to finish even if I would never be first place.  It is still an achievement to finish a marathon; afterwhich, I look forward for the next race to come and maybe this time it would be me who will be on the lead.

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