Sunday, February 26, 2006

State of Emergency

Last Friday, all classes were suspended because of an attempted coup against the current Arroyo administration.  Eventually, the President  declared a State of Emergency in which the administration thought of in order to halt possible hostile takeovers.  This happened on the day of the 20th Anniversary of the EDSA Revolution.   Those who wanted to commemorate the anniversary seemed to have thought of redoing  instead of just reenacting the whole event.  As of this writing, 'she' is still President, alive and kickin'.
About a decade ago, you would never expect Gloria Arroyo to bear this kind of hatred among Filipinos.  In fact, she even became number one in the senatorial polls.  I remember one of her calendar posters with a one line caption bearing, " Mahal Ko Kayong Lahat".  The poster perhaps passes on a motherly image; a leader who is loving and very much concerned on her flock.
Politics really changes it all.  Did she change, or is it just the perception of the people.  Despite the rising peso and a more stable economy,  this kind of chaos happens.  I don't get the timing.  Politics ruins instead of improving everything.  I would understand if this happened during the height of the Hello-Garci scandal;  the hell, why are they doing this at a time when the economy has a big chance of recovering!  If their reason is that it is timely in  rekindling the spirit of EDSA revolution, then it's all bullshit.  At these points in time, Filipinos show their shallowness, crab-mentality and ignorance.  We never learn.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

UP Fair 2006 Week (Feb 13-18)

What happened on the fair during this week? I really don't know. I'll never experience UP Fair as an undergrad as I expect to graduate next semester. Who cares about being that 'pathetic'. There are already tons of experiences I get from UP, I don't care to lose some of the most common.

I guess the closest experience I got related to UP Fair was when I was one of those who acted as bidders for hosting a night. This was for last year's fair. Ironically, we backed out considering we were the highest bidder for monday to thursday nights; it was because we were only interested on the friday. So there, just pure business.

Since First year, my reason for not attending a fair night was due to acads. Just one exam scheduled within that week would spoil my mood for attending the fair. Actually, I really had the chance of going to this year's fair with my EEE batchmates. I could blame my laziness and apathetic mood for not catching up with them, considering that I just stuck up my ass at my dormroom. I even thought that the Friday night's line up would be better because of the Eraserfest mania (in lieu of the Electromagnetic Jam album artists). If only I had known that Danes would be one big backstage pass, I'd definitely be pumped up to go. I've heard that he has connections with the production staff or whoever. For those who went with him, they were treated with a rare opportunity of having their up-close pics with the band stars.

-----something not related to UP Fair----
Despite not being able to attend UP Fair, Gordon and I kind of 'gatecrashed' into Lew's birthday bash. Everyone is 'invited'; though, it turns out that only about 4 of us are of batch 01's. Expectedly, jokes regarding UP Circuit's batch factions came around wherein accusing fingers are pointed at our direction as 'spies'. Of course, I just take it lightly, Lew is a great host anyway.

In factions like this, believe me, I had experienced a much worse and complicated scenario. The common thing I had observed with me was that I was able to be involved with the opposite sides of the coin. I am not being a bootlicker, one who changes side depending on who is in the advantage. For this case it is not a battle between good and evil, there is only a conflict in ideas; on how to handle the organization. Being in the best of both worlds, I share the approval and disappointment over each other. The thing is, both sides has a strong and weak point. Ideally, there should be a unifying factor (Im not saying that would be me!) in order it to be a whole organization again.

My relationship with the 01's are mainly rooted from the bond between my blockmates. A year ahead among 02's are not really that far considering that we are all adults now. Considering that most of the 'concerned' 01's are to be graduating this sem, I'd be expecting the 02's to be taking their much awaited lead from that point. There would be nothing to worry about, since 'they' had already been tried and tested. All we have to do is just swallow our pride.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who am I?

Help me know me...  <click here>

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

For The Prof That We Love.

For one who had not known him, he/she may have thought that he was just any other old man sitting in one peculiar fraternity "tambayan". "Sino yung matanda na laging nasa tambayan niyo at naglalaro ng baraha?", curious friends always ask. With so much pride, I can always answer.

Professor Dominador Ilejay Ilio BE'37, more popularly known as 'Prof' had moved on with the Lord in the morning of February 7, 2006. Prof had been with the fraternity ever since even after his retirement as an Engineering Professor (he was a former Engineering College Secretary). With such dedication to the fraternity, he was then dubbed as Mr. Beta Epsilon. Indeed, he has the complete database of the frat's history along with all of our names stored within his mind and his heart. Prof graduated with 2 degrees in Engineering, Civil and Geodetic. He was an exemplary scholar and student leader. In fact, among the prestigious awards offered in the College of Engineering graduation, the over-all student excellence award was named after him. He was an institution, not only for the frat but also for the whole college as well.

Prof was 'The Godfather' of our times. He was a man of veneration among us. He is a fixed figure within the frat. He had been with us always in the tambayan, playing contract bridge, his ultimate favorite card game. The residents played just as the alumni had played with him during their times. Bridge is a game of memory, no wonder he was still that sharp even as he had reached such old age.

I am very very fortunate to have known Prof and that he had been part of my college/frat life. Prof knew the great potentials in us. I had entered the frat relatively at an early stage, and he saw the potential in me. He saw the fire in my eyes and knew how promising I can be. Exactly what he had experienced with the now-big-shot brods who are now forever grateful to him. I'd like to live with that kind of expectation.

We all knew that Prof could not be here forever. The time has come, and we are equally happy for him. For sure, he would be enjoying his view over us. Nothing is more evident, for the Prof that we love.

A Betan is a Gentleman...

... is patient, forbearing, and resigned, on philosophical principles; he submits to pain, because it is inevitable, to bereavement, because it is irreparable, and to death, because it is his destiny.

~John Cardinal Newman on a definition of a Gentleman.


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Monday, February 06, 2006


Saturday morning, as we student affiliates of IML were cleaning the lab, my grandma (we call her Mom) called and asked me on my whereabouts and what I was doing.  I promptly answered the obvious since I've got nothing to hide.  It was then that she revealed that a stampede occurred on a "Wowowee" setting with about 60 people dead (I initially heard '16' over the phone).  It was funny at first that "Mom" thought I would be one of those people who'd go to such Pinoy pop celebrity events.  Later on, the news struck me... people dead... stampede... Wowowee?

What really hurts is that it is a tragedy that could be prevented.  The cause is not related to nature's unstoppable wrath; it comes from the follies of man.  There are too many to blame, it's like blaming the whole of Filipinos as well.   I've read too much commentary about the mishap, and I don't want to discuss more of it, anymore.  More or less, everybody knows what happened and why it happened, that hopefully nothing like it would ever happen again.

 This kind of  event, I mark it on this blog, the same thing as it would hit towards the books.  Perhaps, one day, with the advent of information technology, this blog shall contain much more details of the past -- either that be personal or universal.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Top 15 One-hit Wonders of the 90's

I should have sent this link to my UP Circuit yahoo group; but then, I've decided that this ought to be posted in my blog instead.  What good is a blog anyway if I don't use it. This would also lessen the incoming mails from other people's emails.

These are basically the top 15 one-hit wonders (songs) in the 90's which is obviously taken at Inquirer's site .  I am indeed a kid of the 90's.  And I love the feeling of nostalgia.  I did not even know that some of the alternative bands (i.e. Semisonic) included in the list were actually considered as one hit wonders.  Wow, let's reminisce some more...

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