Monday, February 06, 2006


Saturday morning, as we student affiliates of IML were cleaning the lab, my grandma (we call her Mom) called and asked me on my whereabouts and what I was doing.  I promptly answered the obvious since I've got nothing to hide.  It was then that she revealed that a stampede occurred on a "Wowowee" setting with about 60 people dead (I initially heard '16' over the phone).  It was funny at first that "Mom" thought I would be one of those people who'd go to such Pinoy pop celebrity events.  Later on, the news struck me... people dead... stampede... Wowowee?

What really hurts is that it is a tragedy that could be prevented.  The cause is not related to nature's unstoppable wrath; it comes from the follies of man.  There are too many to blame, it's like blaming the whole of Filipinos as well.   I've read too much commentary about the mishap, and I don't want to discuss more of it, anymore.  More or less, everybody knows what happened and why it happened, that hopefully nothing like it would ever happen again.

 This kind of  event, I mark it on this blog, the same thing as it would hit towards the books.  Perhaps, one day, with the advent of information technology, this blog shall contain much more details of the past -- either that be personal or universal.

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