Monday, November 14, 2005

Redemption... at Last!!!

It's been a long time since depression almost led me into the brink of insanity.  All thanks to my futile sem.  That freaking sem even had a bite of the start of 2nd semester, the enlistment period.  It had been my very first time to be ineligible.  The reason for my ineligibility was that I reportedly passed less than 25% of what I had enrolled.   Too bad, my 8 units of INC(incomplete) is not to be considered a pass no matter how good my standing was.  It was what I called my first time, and the worst time.

Alas!  This very day, I finally received my grade in one of my subjects! (for that, I'm already eligible to enroll!) Thankfully, I had a 1.5 in CoE115 [Microprocessor-based Design].  Considered to be one of the most dreaded subjects in EEE.  Not only that, among the EEE majors that I took excluding the 1 unit labs, this is the highest grade I had.  I though the highest I could get was CoE111 [Advanced Digital Design] with the 1.75.  Both subjects are from last sem.

Ironically, I should be studying for my 15% exam1 tomorrow for EEE53 [Electronics II - again!].  Whoa!  Exam on the 2nd meeting?!!  I hope it would stand like a bonus!

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

When will the ranting stop?!!!

My head is about to explode.  I guess that's the reason why I have gray hair.  The ashes had fallen all over my head.  It's barely the start of the sem and I am having enlistment problems.

When will the beatings stop?!

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Premature Landing

I'm currently back in QC!  Earlier than the supposed nov7 2nd sem registration for "graduating" students.  I just had my almost- 4 day vacation at Baguio, went back here due to my partner Eugene's calling.  We were supposed to continue on with our CoE 141 project but the license of our software had already expired.  It is expected to be up again by next week, hopefully.
This semester's break should had been long, but the vacation for me was negated by the things I needed to do in order to pass my subjects.  Actually, resuts are not yet out.  I'm still stuck at 3 units.  I just hope I could finish it on time before the college could issue me some contract.
It's november once again, scorpio kids are once again celebrating back2back birthdays (mine was the opener).  Yep, we are the so-called valentine babies.  Based upon the theory that we were conceived on the love month.  No wonder our birthday celebrations come in simultaneously.
The new features of friendster has its way of amazing and irritating us users at the same time.  I had been hiding away from my sister's prying eyes ever since she had started her account, instead giving her a bogus account of mine. Then suddenly, she had found out of my true account thanks to the "who's viewed me?' feature.  All I know is that I had turned on my anonymous viewing.  I felt betrayed then.  Good thing it's not really a big thing for me.  But what if it is?!!  So be warned.
Anyway, the shout-at's had been handy once in a while, and i had received some replies from total strangers.  I just don't know, but for me, I don't think friendster is a dating game sort of site.  Moreover, I just want to communicate with long-distanced friends and acquaintances, of course, current ones included.  I just laugh, and at times, pity.
Whoa! What a bummer!  I should have travelled on a sunday instead.  Now, what am I going to do?


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