Wednesday, July 26, 2006


We're about 2 weeks away from our halfway thesis defense. A week before would be the deadline of our documentation. These are the main reasons why I can't blog freely especially in the lab.(And of course I can't blog at my dorm since we still don't have our internet connection). As for me, the tradeoff of not being able to blog lately is just fine. It seems not right to spend time blogging in the lab when you should be doing thesis work. Sometimes, I do plan to write my blog in notepad at the dorm and send it the next time I spend my night at the lab. Eventually, I end up being lazy or being preoccupied playing DotA with my dormmates. We may not have internet access for now, but the network still gives us access in LAN gaming.
Blogging is no longer easy for me nowadays since I no longer have time for it. If only we could upload our thoughts directly to the internet, then everybody would be updated with one another. There are things worth blogging but already had missed the chance with the current mood settings.
It's easier to bloghop anyway. c",?

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Monday, July 03, 2006

This Sem Should Be a Blast!

I may be quite underload for this sem (14 units) but it really does not spell that it would be easy. Since I chose to be a full-time student and concentrate on our thesis project, adding those extra 9 + 2 (PE-Swimming) units should not be a hindrance to my aims.

I am proud to say that I am (sort of) a student in University of California - Berkeley due to our EEE 298 long distance course in Advanced Computer Architecture, mainly a Graduate subject. For one, our professor is no other than the author of our main reference in CoE 113, Prof. David Patterson (here is his one-page bio). Let's just say that he is one of the main men in the field of computer architecture. At first, I thought he would turn out to be the typical geeky professor who looks strange like Einstein. I'd say he's rather cool and has good humor. He even has this air of Professor X in him. Check out on these pics:

Guess who's real and reel!

With regard to my Jap 12-13 class, I find it hard to catch up with my fellow classmates since my Nihonggo proficiency is already rusty as compared to theirs. Not to mention that they are already very close with our sensei since they just took their 10-11 last semester as compared to my 4 sem hiatus. I really feel embarassed of being left behind, but I would still say that learning Nihonggo is fun... and cool.

Next comes my PE class. I took it just for the sake of learning how to swim since it has been one of my frustrations in life. Don't blame me since I came from the mountains (read: Baguio). I believe this frustration comes from my being an Eagle scout wherein first aid and lifesaving techniques should have been embedded to my system. Anyway, my PE class is another enjoyable event since I get to swim at least twice a week. Our PE instructor is no other than UP's swimming varsity coach Rivera. Yeah, he'd really kick our ass into the waters. In fact, he'll be teaching us the butterfly stroke which I believe is a hard one to master. One thing I have to train for is the upcoming 'Pasmathon' for our finals. We are to do laps in the pool and jog around campus all in one event.

For this semester, we are already building up this tennis org in UP. TennisUP! Yep, I am to be one of its founding members. It's really great to be one with other student tennis enthusiasts. I hope we could build up the future for this org, and also be able to hone our skills in tennis!

TennisUP Founding Members!

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