Sunday, March 26, 2006

Depression looms...

As some of my UP batchmates are excited and pumped up towards their graduation, I feel stucked and being drawn back to EEE.  First of all is my CoE 113 which I should pass because it is a seasonal major subject.  My exams didn't go well and my last MP was such a downer.  I couldn't blame my partner (Rose) since she really had too many exams during the time we were supposed to work on our MP.  I was then left all alone most of the time.  There was a problem with our Main Control Unit that is why we couldn't get any instruction to work.  I no longer have the energy to test and debug it all, so there.  I don't know what plans do Ma'am Joy have with us.  CoE 113 should not have been so taxing like this.  There were no casualties last year as the subject approach was for appreciation.  It's just so unfair especially to the graduating batch (my kind included).

I still have exams for the other subjects.  After being spent with the CoE 113 MP, tomorrow would be our EEE 53 exam and EEE 54 practical exam.  EE 275 exam (which was postponed!) on tuesday.   CE 22 and EEE 107 finals are scheduled by the end of the month/beginning of April.  I'm just tired of all this crap.  EEE should be more forgiving to its students.  I may be a good student before but due to the length in time, I'm burning out already.  Can they please realize that?!

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Friday, March 24, 2006

113 or Bust!

The end (of sem) is near, and it's burning like hell.  Still up to now, it is only EEE 190 (thesis proposal) that had been over.  I still have a long queue of Final exams which would really make me go home (to Baguio) and look like an undead.  Not to mention all the other major requirements every other subject has to offer.  This school year had been the worst of my college life.  I really hope I could survive towards the end.
I am currently busy with our CoE 113 MP; and as I would say, is my only chance to pass the subject.  I have low exam outputs, that really makes me sad since this subject is seasonal.  If I fail this one, it would mean that I would be delayed for a year!  This subject actually had not been a pain in the ass for the past years as it was somewhat like introduced as a theoretical appreciation course about computer architectures.  Now, the approach on the subject is different due to a change of instructor and the addition of requirements.
My load for this semester had not been a help at all.  It all turned out that I am all drained out by midweek.  My performance in the other subjects had been compromised; in which, I could say that I had poured about 80% towards our weekly thesis progress reports then cram the 20% with the others.  Even a relatively easy CE 22 (Engineering Economy) became a problem at some point due to low exam results.
I think I am reaching my own saturation point.  EEE really is a vast field of knowledge, and I could only leave some more space for specialization.  I am already tired of absorbing concepts which I could barely use unless I would have shifted to that field.  That is why I can no longer wait to graduate and at least concentrate on a certain career path.
I really don't want the feeling of being left behind.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006


I would like to congratulate the current crop of 198ers (read: thesis people) for finally enduring the burdens brought about by your respective theses.  Final presentations are now over, and of course they themselves would know if they had earned their panelists' nods. 

Most, if not all, are candidates for graduation this sem.  Oh how I envy them.  After 198, what's next in their list of worries?  I'm pretty sure that after surpassing this, they are much more confident of surpassing any other academic problem that could hinder them to graduate this sem.

I had accepted the fact that I would be delayed for a sem due to thesis, hoping that I would really pass all my units (especially CoE 113!!!) for this sem.  My case could still be quite understandable since it is nice to solely dedicate a semester for thesis.  The sad thing is that our graduating batchmates would be moving ahead and of course leaving us behind.  So much with the companions we were used to... reality bites.

I can feel the excitement rush into their veins.  Within the sem, they had already been planning for a much more rewarding vacation.  Some even, already have secured a job  right after they graduate.  The graduating students really had a hyped semester with all the  yearbook registrations, gradpics, job fairs, interviews, etc.  I just hope my last semester could be as hyped up or hopefully even better.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

"My Personal DNA Report"

I feel uneasy again, now that it's a Sunday and I have not done anything academically yet. Then again, do I not deserve to have some fun?

Anyway, here's my DNA report... just click link below

My Personal Dna Report

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Good News! Bad News!

GOOD NEWS: A lot less more overnights due to weekly progress reports.
At last! Our thesis proposal have been finally finished. Now, breathing space has widened a bit. I think all of us who were able to present our respective proposals would eventually get a nod from the panelists. In the first place, why would our advisers allow us to present if they knew something's wrong with the proposal?

As usual, we, the digital group of IML has the most number of members (we're 5) in terms of thesis groups. Well, it's kind of justified since we're designing and implementing a microprocessor here. Our panelists were IML faculty members, namely Prof. Tess Gusad and Prof. Marc Rosales, so at least we knew we're in good hands. We thought we were safe from Prof. Bob Uy's caustic questioning since he was not among our panelists, but we were wrong. It seemed that Prof. Uy was interested with Dual Core technology (which we would implement on a DLX microprocessor) that he asked questions regarding on what core shall sustain the OS (operating system) operations. Good thing that the OS is really out of our scope since we would only concentrate on the dual core capability of our hardware design.

GOOD NEWS: A chairperson, 4 out of 5 councilors, and a handful of reps... not bad for PRIME eh?
Last night, I was not able to attend PRIME's 'isolation party', because I have to be with my thesis mates in psyching up ourselves for our presentation. Ironically, Wilson (one of my thesis mates) was there; he is our official 'pasaway' in the group ever since anyway, not to say that he just want to show his undying presence with the love of his life (go figure who she is).

PRIME still proved to be strong this year as it again swept the ESC elections with only a lone casualty. Well, I sympathize with her as I know that kind of unexpecting feeling. Still, we have to move on, and perhaps there is a better opportunity just waiting to be grabbed. I had experienced it, and now I'm really happy with what happened from last year.

BAD NEWS: Rochelle Diswe for Engg Rep sana...
How could 'they' be better than Cholle? I've never even heard anything about 'them' before. I may be from EEE but I do know the who's who in Engg (main), well at least those who really mattered. Politics in Eng'g sucks too especially when it comes to the self-patronization of idiot orgs. Block (&White) vote your sorry asses (till it gets white) coz surely "they'd" care nothing more other than leading the UP Fair. Sayang Cholle, hehehehehe...

BAD NEWS: ee 275 project due tomorrow?!!!!
Prof. Tiglao said to us last meeting that he would post the order of our presentations for tomorrow. At least 8 people shall be able to present. I was hoping not to be picked out early since I'd still have the thesis proposal presentation hangover. For days, I had been checking my email in case there were any news about our reports. There was none. It was only this afternoon that the order of presentors for tomorrow was released, and I am even the first! Of course I have not yet done anything yet, and it's not only a 15-min oral presentation I am worrying about, it also includes a written report. Damn. And oh, did I say that the only requirements for this subject are homeworks (so far 3), 1 comprehensive exam, and the project (which is the oral presentation and written report about a technology related to Data communications). Are all other EEE graduate subjects as interesting as this? sheessh...
So I'll be talking about 'bittorrent', it's my chosen topic, want to help me out?

WORST NEWS: My grandmother (father side) passed away...
The year 2006 does not seem to be a happy year for all of us. Tragedies, political instabilities, and even deaths of people I am related to. Though my grandmother had lived a long and good life (I presume she is in her 90's) I don't know how it could affect my father since he is very close to her. The shock is still there as the message got to me through my brother's ym message. Of course, the feeling of loss should be normal. The thing that bothers me is the time I spent with my 'lola'. Ever since, they lived far away from our family as we are in the city while they are in the barrios. The loss that I feel is actually the missed opportunity to bond with her ever since she was alive. My father's side lived a very simple life, while we lived a rather complicated one. For in a fact, I only knew my grandmother through my father's stories and not as personally; it is indeed a great loss for me. God bless her soul.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Thesis Proposal on Wednesday!

The semester is nearing its end now. EEE 190 (aka Thesis Proposal) had been eating up most of my time for this semester. It's the main reason why I no longer eat and stay at my dorm. Provided that we do good with our Thesis Proposal (sort of a defense too), I could feel that my schedule would be un-defragmented for the rest of the semester.

This school year was no easy ball for me. I nearly had a contract with the admin all because of my 2 INC's during the first semester. For this 2nd sem, I fear my subjects, a lot of which had been compromised with my EEE 190. If and only if I pass all my units for this semester, then next sem would be a lot less worry-free. Having only a 5-unit thesis subject for your last semester is not that bad for being delayed. I really do hope there are equal opportunities for the Octoberians!

OK, so our thesis project title would be "Dual Core Capability of a 32-Bit DLX Microprocessor".
Wish us luck!

Btw, tomorrow's gonna be the ESC elections. I support PRIME! hehehehe...

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