Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Maskipaps 2005

Once again, the Beta Epsilon Fraternity hosted its annual event for the Engineering Week.  "Maskipaps 2005" is a free-for-all fashion and variety show widely participated by different UP organizations and rising bands.  "Maskipaps", short for maskipapaano, is an "anything goes show".  Through this event, UP students are able to showcase their talents.  This is a good venue for the promotion of talents, skills and culture.

This year's Maskipaps had a major set back due to inconsistent weather.  Band performances were cut short and the program suffered from too many rain breaks..  Nevertheless, nobody can stop those sticky eyes, armed with lustful and wishful thinking just to witness a show that could reveal engineering (non-acad) fantasies.  Despite the rain, the audience wielded their umbrellas, protecting their own territory (in land and in sight) in order to get a good view of the fashion event..

Being one of Engg Week's major  event(night), all other org fanatics really do or die for the org.  If not for the EWOC points,  most probably, only a few would be present.  Too bad, the weather did not cooperate this time.  We should give credit to the fashion show event; it never fails in drawing up crowds.

I was unable to finish the program (and help out in the cleaning) as I have an exam in the morning.  This was really a bad timing, to host a night event (makes you stay up all night) and to have an early exam.  Not to mention the scheduled games in tennis (I'm a contestant!) and the tech report for our EEE190 class.

Hopefully, I could post some pics soon... probably the ones of my favorite.


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Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm Feeling Lucky

If you try to search " UP EEE IML" in google, try using the " I'm Feeling Lucky " button and wait for the result! hahahaha...

This is not a result of any kind of "Google bombing", I swear.  It's just that I have more hits than IML's website, which is so outdated.  I don't intend to make my blog go public.  Nakakahiya eh. hehehehe.  Especially when some professionals (i.e professors) could accidentally bump into this blog.

There is nothing to feel lucky about, actually.  Just recently, our thesis group had crammed for our weekly progress report.  As a result, we are sanctioned to submit a progress report within the Christmas vacation.  We were somewhat scolded, not to mention that we made fun of our presentation background by using an image of a woman's body wearing a bikini.  We deserve it anyway, as we still don't have the slightest idea about our thesis project.  Our project title may go as far as something like::  "High Level Design and Implementation of a DLX Microprocessor with Multi-core Capability".  It could even be better if we can call it as something like Intel's Celeron/Pentium or AMD's Opteron/Athlon.  How about IML's "Scion" then?

Engineering Week Fever.  Another period of boasting of one's org pride.  You should witness UP Engineering Week, there is nothing like it in any other university.  Not even in any other college in UP Diliman.  Most students literally would die for the org (i.e. Toweng'g, TABL).  Engineering Week Overall Champion (EWOC) points make the whole College of Engineering go round.  This is also an event where being greedy is good.  Stomp all other orgs and give no mercy.  For being EWOC or at least beating your rival org in the rankings is the only thing that  matters.  Macchiavelli's principle, "the end justifies the means" applies dearly to this kind of competitive atmosphere.

This would be my last Engineering Week (EW), for I expect to graduate next semester.  Most of my batchmates actively participate in UP Circuit's participation in EW, mainly because this would be also their last.  Good for them, since they have less pressure in terms of their academics; a benefit for being on time.  Now, they intend to enjoy their every last stay here in UP.

As for me, I am being contented by just being an EW spectator.  It's still fun even just by being one.  Besides, I still have to divide my time between my academics and my fraternity.  My participation for Circuit had always been minimal as compared to my other orgs.  That I leave it to my blockmates, especially since we hold the majority in number for Circuit's senior members.  I'm playing Lawn Tennis for Circuit btw, but I don't expect to win the event.  It's an open tournament, so all other tennis aficionados within UP were able to join the event.  As of now, I have a 1-0 card.  The win doesn't matter to me since my opponent was really a novice.  My goal during that game was  not to give him a match point.  Next game is on tuesday, being in a winner's bracket I now expect to be in  Wimbledoom.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

6th National ECE Conference @ UP Diliman

The 6th National ECE Conference would be held at the University of the Philippines - Diliman, Quezon City. 
UP EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) would once again host this event and I'm one of its slaves (volunteers).  It would be better if they change its name to EEE Conference instead.  majority of the presentors are from UP EEE; I personally know most of these people.
I just look forward in meeting other people from different schools (if they would come).  The possibility of meeting some of my schoolmates during my pre-college years also thrills me.  I've known SLU (Saint Louis University - Baguio City) as having attendees on the Philippine IT Congress.  I hope there would be some also for today's conference.
Gotta get some sleep.  Been too tired doing some peon's work for the conference...

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