Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Panasonic 920p

Finally! After months of giving up the previous company PDA (service provider:Willcom), I have finally applied for my own personal mobile phone.

Days earlier, 2 of my company-mates have tried applying at Bic Camera; despite having one of our Japanese colleagues assist them in their purchase, they were still not allowed to buy a 2-year package with their current 1 year visa at hand. After the Golden Week BBQ session at Yokohama, I searched for the nearest Softbank outlet (found one at Azamino) and tried my luck. After about 1.5 hours...

Yatta! Mission accomplished! (I have been procrastinating for months on buying a cellphone) I have to deal with the Softbank guy in pure Nihonggo. It was quite a challenge since I have to understand the promo, the ones written in the tags are really misleading (advertising tactics).

What I like about this phone is that it has a 5.07MP camera, complete with White Balance controls, Image Stabilization, Exposure, etc... which gives me a very reliable handy digicam! Now, I can also take pictures of myself during special trips! Also, on such occasions that I don't have my D40/x with me, there's always the friendly cellphone around.

Not to mention it has 1-seg features, meaning live TV streaming (in Japan only). This is cool since we no longer have a TV in our latest apartment, and I actually miss those random Japanese channels.

After giving some tips to the 2 company-mates mentioned earlier, they were also able to acquire their own mobile sets... the very same model! awww... I always wanted to be unique hehehe, anyway I got the white one while they both have the black. I initially wanted black but it got out of stock.

This is going to be my phone for at least 2 years. Heck, this is Panasonic's latest model (only in Japan). I bet the camera and 1seg would be really worth it.

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