Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flickr Pic #59: [Shibuya] Spotlight

[Shibuya] Spotlight
[Shibuya] Spotlight
Originally uploaded by scion_cho

You've got to love those transparent umbrellas. Very Japanese.

Taken on September 21, 2008
Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Flickr Pic #58: [Shibuya] Space

[Shibuya] Space
[Shibuya] Space
Originally uploaded by scion_cho

Found this pachinko parlor at Shibuya.

Pachinko (パチンコ?) is a Japanese gaming device used for amusement and prizes. Although pachinko machines were originally strictly mechanical, modern pachinko machines are a cross between a pinball machine and a video slot machine. (wiki)

These pachinkos seem to be very addicting as they are as abundant as Mcdonalds stores here in Japan. I think even in the most rural places in Japan, there lies a pachinko parlor around. There are even jobs such as pachinko engineers and journalists.

Taken on September 21, 2008
Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flickr Pic #57: [Yotsuya] Vortex

[Yotsuya] Vortex
[Yotsuya] Vortex
Originally uploaded by scion_cho

A look from below the bell tower at St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Yotsuya, Tokyo, Japan

Taken on September 14, 2008
Location: St. Ignatius Catholic church, right next to Sophia University, is located in Yotsuya, Tokyo, Japan.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flickr Pic #56: [Asakusa Samba] Kawaii Bears

[Asakusa Samba] Kawaii Bears
[Asakusa Samba] Kawaii Bears
Originally uploaded by scion_cho

After enjoying the parade under the sun, at around 3pm, it suddenly rained. Despite it, the show must go on.

Taken on August 30, 2008
Location: Streets of Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Flickr Pic #55: [Asakusa Samba] Shake

[Asakusa Samba]  Shake
[Asakusa Samba]
Originally uploaded by scion_cho

My favorite of all Samba dancers during that day.

Taken on August 30, 2008
Location: Streets of Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

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Friday, January 09, 2009

Flickr Pic #53: [Asakusa Samba]

[Asakusa Samba]
[Asakusa Samba]
Originally uploaded by scion_cho

Though the Asakusa Samba is quite popular because of the Brazilian and Japanese women in sexy attire, they also wear costumes with intricate designs and colorful motifs. Samba refers to the musical style in Brazil which is somewhat upbeat, thus great for dancing.

Taken on August 30, 2008
Location: Streets of Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

See Flickr post #53 (click link here)

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Monday, January 05, 2009


"Tadaima" is a Japanese expression which means "I'm home". This had been one of my oftenly used YM status message everytime I reach my apartment at Kasukabe. Coming back from my rather short vacation in the Philippines, it's kind of weird to use "tadaima". Home to me is definitely in the Philippines, not here in Japan.

Fortunately, I was able to catch the last train going towards my apartment. I've heard many stories about Cebu Pacific's numerous flight delays but surprisingly, our flight arrived at Japan about 30 minutes early. Not to mention, our plane departed NAIA about 20 minutes late (2pm instead of 140pm as listed in our tickets). The first flight to the Philippines wasn't bad either. We arrived at NAIA 3 at the exact time listed, although technically, I was out of the airport only about 20 minutes later (due to immigration, baggage lines, etc).

I've already experienced all 3 NAIA terminals as I've already ridden 3 different carriers (PAL, JAL, Cebu Pacific). Lucky for CP, they're the sole international carrier at NAIA 3, so processing is quite fast and organized. Although JAL would be my first choice of airline to Japan, NAIA 1 just gives you the OFW-ish feeling, especially outside at the waiting area. Arrivals at terminals 2 and 3 were a breeze (especially when someone would pick you up by car).

Thank God for the 30 minute headstart, we were able to get out of Kansai airport at around 630pm (supposedly, our plane would have yet landed by this time). Also, thanks to Alaine, who is quite the shinkansen (bullet train) veteran, I was able to board the nozomi train (only 1 per hour; bullet train with the least number of stops); thus, was able to arrive at Tokyo at about 11pm. The last train from Kita Senju going to Kasukabe was scheduled at around 12MN and I was able to ride at around 1130pm.

And so at last, I was at the apartment at around 1230MN. However, I couldn't figure out the combination of switches in our circuit breaker. Well, since it was already late (or should I say very early in the morning), I was forced to sleep, which was actually ideal since I still have to report to work the next day. The following morning, power was finally restored. A well-rested brain definitely works better than a tired one.

I've got lots of photo backlogs, and hopefully I could upload and blog about it asap. Seems like I'll be in a blogging spree for the first few weeks. There are too many things to blog about in the Philippines, good and bad. Here in Japan, life is limited to just work-apartment. Good thing there are these weekend escapades (and the internet!) to help keep me sane! :)

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Short-lived Vacation

Will fly back to Japan tomorrow afternoon, hopefully would arrive as early as possible. Expected time of arrival at the airport is 640pm. Assuming no delays (please CebuPac!!!!) I hope we could get past the airport gates at around 730pm (hoping the immigration lines wouldn't be slow).

From the Kansai airport, we would travel about an hour via train to get to Shin Osaka, where the bullet train towards Tokyo starts. We should be there before 9pm or else no more shinkansen ride for the night. I no longer know any other alternative available that does not need prior reservations.

Target time of arrival at Tokyo should be around 11pm-ish. Latest possible for me would be around 1130pm or else I'd be stuck at Kita Senju assuming the 12mn last train towards Kasukabe left without me.

I really hope I wouldn't start the year in Japan getting stuck at a train station, waiting for the 5am train. It's cold out there, that the Baguio flu I'm carrying might mutate into something more drastic.

Ahh, consequences of taking budget flights (even miles away from where I live). Oh well, I guess it was a no choice decision for me since I had to go home before Xmas day (for the Tagaytay wedding).

This is going to be a tough one.

Plus, it's workday the next day.

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