Saturday, October 29, 2005

happEEE birthday.

It's the day of my birth, and I'm still stuck here in EEE for our CoE 141 [Digital VLSI Design] project.  I had been practically living here in EEE (@ IML) for the last few weeks ever since Molave Dormitory has closed for the sembreak.  Turning 21 supposedly is a male's debut; I don't give a damn.  Anyway, last night, 3 of us here in IML ate pansit.  If I'm not mistaken, it's the chili flavor Lucky Me pancit Canton.  Yes, not Malabon, as Dyan had earlier thought of.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

The sem is still not over!

I'm tired.  I want my freedom.  Sem's not yet over... at least for me. 
When I say that this sem is my longest, I really meant loooooooooooooooooooong.  Should I reiterate that this is the darkest?  I had experienced every kind of grade here in UP.  Thanks to  this sem.  My so far only 3 units gave me my very first  "line-of-one" EEE lecture grade here in UP.  Then I had TWO INC's, and a KUWATRO.  Cap my list with the EEE107 that I had dropped.  Ohhhh yeah...
Looking at the bright side, of course the remaining subjects could be converted into passes.  For CoE 115, its fate lies on Sir Melvin Co's approval of our documentation on our wondrous project headed by Maurice.   One thing that worries me is our CoE141 Adder project.  It had been quite some time that the project was skipped due to other subjects.  I was expecting to finish it as soon as I had handled the others.  This is actually the main reason why  I can't go home yet.
As of today, my problem got worse.  I've learned that I am going to take the EEE53 removals.  Before passing the final MP, I can only expect two grades and that should be either 3.0 or  4.0.  Now, I have to raise the stakes between 3.0 and 5.0.  Uncertainties like this kills me.  Not only that, If only I don't have to take the removals; then I would have time doing our adder project.  Of course INC means I can complete within one year but the software we are using might end its license by the end of October.  And it takes a long time for the software to come back.
I apologize for the all the mood swings that is happening in this blogsite.  Well, that's life.  Now, I'm at the bottom part of the wheel, hoping not to be crushed... too much.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

PHOTOS: Brunch at Leslie's Restaurant, Tagaytay View Deck

It's just about 1030am when we had our next meal. The place had a good view of Taal; thus, had a pricey menu. Thanks to Sir Os! Eating just like there's no tomorrow!

Check out these other pics! :
Jump 1
Taal Background
Tagaytay View Deck
near the Tagaytay Highlands Peak
Waiting Area

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PHOTOS: Breakfast (UP Circuit sem ender)

I did not expect 2 Bilaos of Pancit Bihon and Palabok would be ordered. Prior to it, I ate some tuna and vienna sausages inside "de-latas". I had my fill alright.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

UP Circuit FR/ Sem-ender plus Tagaytay Highlands Escapade

Ever since UP Circuit had been able to conduct its Final Rites plus sem-enders in a Pool Resort, it made the activity worthwhile not only for the new members but especially to the senior ones. After all, the final rites are really a good reason for the members to welcome their new siblings; to enjoy and to bond together afterwards. EEE students badly need this kind of respite from all the sem's dehydrating acad work. These are just some of the activities that help maintain our sanity intact.

Being senior members of Circuit, we were freely able to do things all throughout the final rites. Most of the FR work were handled by "fresher" mems while we senior guys had the time of our life playing basketball. Of course, I was able to man the SS station once in a while, in time for resting our windpipes from some rigorous plays. Right after the FR, we just hit the pool as if it would be able to cleanse us from all the sweat.

The pool temperature was adequate, as it does not give us the shivers. We were able to extract much enjoyment from all the stupidity we make. For one, the pool has this slide, but all I think of doing is to climb it up from the pool. It gave us a hard time, yet some sense of fulfillment anyway. I just realized that my attempts of climbing up gave me no reason of using the slide going downwards.

I was also able to practice my swimming. This had been one of my early frustrations in life. Wala kasing "tubig" sa bundok. At least I am always able to move underwater and do the back floats but that's just it. I always wanted to do the fancy swimming that my brother can do. It was an enjoyable night swimming event till our skins warped.

The whole event gave me no reason for sleeping. In the morning, I was able to grab some much needed meat via "de-lata's". The breakfast pancit bihon and palabok also shared some major space inside my tummy as I ate as if it was the greatest opportunity ever

The ride home was just like an extension of the sem-ender. Thanks to May for being the prime mover, we were able to go to Tagaytay. It's my first time to go to this place and it has its own right to become significantly beautiful. Tagaytay may be "next to Baguio" in terms of climate, but it has its own right to present its beauty quite differently not just based on its offered temperature.

The view deck we came upon had a throng of classy restuarants offering good food. Despite having a hard meal earlier, May encouraged us to have another "light" eating for our lunch. We thought we had ordered less as the price had been scary but eventually, we were even too full to finish the Bulalo and Crispy Pata that was ordered. Sir Osmonn, UP Circuit's faculty adviser, was the one who shouldered the bill. It all started from the usual "uy, maglilibre si Sir Os" until it just came true.

Next stop: Tagaytay Highlands. Thanks to Glenn, who even far far away, was still able to sponsor us a trip towards one of his vacation places. We went to this members - only exclusive place and was just too awed to see that such a place exists in the Philippines. The place does not accept cash as we just came inside as guests under the name of Glenn's father. It was surely a place that can be reached by those belonging to the upper echelons of society. It boasts of facilities that is far more greater than what I had seen from John Hay. This is a once in a lifetime event -- for us, at least.

I'm just happy that I was under May's car pool, for I would surely miss this trip from someone else's. One similar trip was sponsored to us by Glenn, as he toured us inside his Ayala Alabang Home village way back the FR before he went to Canada. So from now on, I keep a note to myself that I should stick to these guys as who knows, where else can they take us next?!

Again, we thank May, Glenn and also Sir Os! Nakakahiya nga kay Sir Osmonn... he was our driver, the gas was his, he payed for a sumptuous lunch, tapos tinulugan lang namin siya for the trip back to EEE! Well, one good thing is, naka-bonding namin siya. I just hoped he enjoyed it well just like everybody else did.

Now that I'm back at the dorm. I really need to pack up my things with all the body aches I just had woken up to. Back to reality.


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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Great Depression

This sem, I mark as the worst period in my EEE life. This is not in relation to me only, but it involves almost everyone as well. EEE 53 results proved to be fatal to others' hopes of graduating on time. ECE students would already count a 1-year delay towards their freedom. What more if you're a batch lower than 01? Your parents might even try thinking of killing you.

Microprocessor Design. The much dreaded CoE115. When you say Machine Problem, it really means doing something with hardware along with the support of software. I just wonder why the hell do BS CS students call their programming exercises as MPs. To be as cool as EEE? Anyway, the CoE115 MP grades are not my problem anymore. In fact, we even believe that we have a perfect lab score!! The problem is: LECTURE GRADE. All the effort in the lab is wasted.

Communications. EEE 107. I dropped this subject. Thinking that I would be able to save my two subjects stated from above. Would the end justify my means? Even just for one? Please...?

VLSI Design. CoE 141. The sure pass yet sure INC subject. *sigh* We still have to finish our adder project.

Advanced Digital Design. CoE 111. The "rose among the thorns"? Ironically, from a very bad combination of subjects, I was able to cap my first ever line-of-one EEE subject.

So what now?! Did you count? EEE 53 results are still pending, so as of now, I still only have 3 units under my belt! Oh my...

Congratulations to Elma. I envy you. buti ka pa...

Let's see... how many are left to graduate on time? The EEE department offers the hardest courses even under difficult conditions. Who would dare challenge?


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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The end of the semester is still far from over. This is my longest and darkest sem ever. Supposedly, I am to finish this semi-final batch of EEE majors this sem, yet it haunts me for a repeat. The exams are killing me. Together with the countless projects and MPs per subject, it's an n-hit finishing combo.

It was a close call; I had the chance to graduate on time. It was only a technicality that I was not given a headstart by my lab to join a thesis group; not until next sem. I am burning in the flames of what the remaining subjects has to offer. And I hope the end of it.

Well, at least allow me to regain my honor; for being able to catch up with my batchmates. This despite the things that should have not happened way back EEE33. I just hope that this sem would end up the way it should be. That I would be able to concentrate with our thesis and perhaps excel in any possible way throughout the remaining of college life.

Just hope and work for the best! Banzai!

**Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHOLLE!!! (blockmate - G23 the best!!)


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