Wednesday, October 05, 2005


The end of the semester is still far from over. This is my longest and darkest sem ever. Supposedly, I am to finish this semi-final batch of EEE majors this sem, yet it haunts me for a repeat. The exams are killing me. Together with the countless projects and MPs per subject, it's an n-hit finishing combo.

It was a close call; I had the chance to graduate on time. It was only a technicality that I was not given a headstart by my lab to join a thesis group; not until next sem. I am burning in the flames of what the remaining subjects has to offer. And I hope the end of it.

Well, at least allow me to regain my honor; for being able to catch up with my batchmates. This despite the things that should have not happened way back EEE33. I just hope that this sem would end up the way it should be. That I would be able to concentrate with our thesis and perhaps excel in any possible way throughout the remaining of college life.

Just hope and work for the best! Banzai!

**Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHOLLE!!! (blockmate - G23 the best!!)


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