Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fillers (ScIoN edition)

As I can't think of a more appropriate title for this day's blog, I decided to mimic the Naruto series as if I have regular episodes to share with. After all, I have regular readers to satisfy with my very own version/kind of wisdom. (can't count the grey hairs, ei?)
I can't blog all the time as I had decided to cut down my regular internet hours during weekdays. You see, it has been eating up all of my study time. Being a full-time UP student, I don't learn the lessons in class. I learn it all by myself. All especially when the exams are already fast approaching.
Most probably, I would at least blog once a week and give you a recap of what stands out during the week. So, if you come across with this poor blog site, and still see the same sh*t written all over it; let your voice be heard and shout your demands (for an update I suppose?) over the shoutbox. Who knows, I may have writer's block. When people complain about me not updating, at least I know they visit regularly.
Anyway, why does my site wear pink? Actually, upon choosing the blog template, I did not mind (or even realize) at all. It only covers the font colors of the right side bar which is used to accentuate the topic titles. It could be red but red is bloody. Pink would be just fine. It takes one fine man to utilize the color pink properly. As it is a blog template, it should turn out quite nice. The inclusion of my shoutbox made it not. It assimilated with the sidebar; eventually, the fonts scream with pink. One thins is definite, I'm going to change the template. The trouble is, changing the template means republishing everything. From the shoutbox to the site meters et al.
I am using an old thus slow PC. Being the Computer Engineer that I should be, I am maximizing all of its potential. To this point , I believe it is already maxed out. I may not be able to deal with all those cool graphics; but at least, I get to use it for anything that is important. I don't fret not being able to play the latest games, as they just provide distractions to my studies. As for now, the only reason I should get a better system is because I could no longer watch most downloadable movies. It is because they are already implemented in more compressed video formats.
Ugh, my PC is slow, it needs more tweaking again. Worse, a reformat. I did not remember it crashing lately but now, I had just lost my previous windows profile. I still don't know the extent of the damage, the registry files that got affected. Though it became obviously slower. Virus maybe? We'll see...


posted by ScIoN 9:18 PM


Blogger Mandy said...

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10:16 PM  
Blogger ScIoN said...

Hahahahaha! Tae!!! Pati ba naman dito may mga automated spammers? Kala ko ba sa Yahoo! lang yun?!

Anyway, Mandy, whoever you are, I'm actually flattered to have someone like you to visit some "nice little blog" like mine. I hope you won't tell your friends 'coz it would surely be troublesome! hahahaha!

8:10 PM  

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