Friday, July 29, 2005

Academic Mood

Something tells me that I need to concentrate more on my studies. It had been always that I have to cram for an exam. Cramming is not good. The concepts I absorb just act like clogs that eventually would be drained away. I may had survived EEE subjects with this but the race is really far from over. Now on my higher EEE subjects, even the basics slow me down. It's like that I forget the concepts right when I needed them again.

My attention span when it comes to acads is really short. My mind usually wander around and eventually I just daydream. Well, it starts when I don't understand the lecture as I lag behind... promising to myself that I am going to self study it. With crisscrossing exam schedules, I only have the time to study that particular subject when the exam date is near. UP = self study. That's what they told me before I even entered this university.

As far as I know, I have good memory. I don't know if there is such a term as "selective memory"; but then, I think it is what I would like to classify mine. Bad news, that my memory does not prioritize the academic concepts that I should fill my brain with.

I really don't know what inspires me or would. Should it be that something must happen badly before I get real?! Had my brain reached its limits? No way! They say that the human brain is very much like a computer. I believe that. For that, I really need to defrag mine...


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