Thursday, September 29, 2005

Today is... September 29

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELMA!!!  blockmate and President of the now defunct ScIoN friendster blog fan club.

Aside from her birthday, we are also celebrating the 4th  anniversary of our "Temple Tours" way back freshman year.  I don't know, but others say that Sir Neil Martial Santillan was/is a 'terror' prof.  I guess our block tamed him.  I miss being a freshie.  And I'm going to miss G23 especially when all of us will graduate and go on with our separate lives.

In a month's time, I am going to follow suit in turning to adulthood.  It's like that 21 is the real adult age while 20 is just limbo, the great divide between teen and adult age.  It's like that I am not yet ready, especially when you see some of your elementary batchmates in friendster accounts carrying babies -- their OWN babies.  Wow, grown ups, and I'm counted to be one.

It's the right time to be in Never Never Land. 


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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Observe Proper Netiquette

Ever since I was a kid, I was guided by my father in observing simple yet proper etiquette. Observing etiquette instills discipline and considerateness in a person, most especially to a child. I would define etiquette as the observance of doing the right thing at the right occasion/place; to give due respect towards the people involved.

I am a member of numerous e-groups and forum sites. I am also a moderator of some of these groups. Over these past few months, too many people had been fighting in these portals, arguing over posts that should have not been there. I would enumerate some of the known cases of irritation among members:

(a) Excessive and unnecessary posting in mailing groups - Mailing lists are formed for proper information dissemination among members. It should not be something to be sort of a chatroom. Comments and replies (the one-liner replies such as "hahaha") just contribute in the congestion of other people's mailboxes. (good thing there is Gmail for me)

(b) Out of Topic Postings - In the case of the 2 groups that I moderate (i2006 and ESEF), some people just want to get a free plug of their organization's activities into a group's goldmine of target audiences. As I repeat, the group was formed for a purpose; thus, when a student sent a "Pang modelo ba ang beauty mo?" ad in an "Engineering Entrepreneurship" group, it really triggered the ire of a Physics professor - member in the group. To think the girl even had the guts to be "mad" after being reprimanded by one of the mods...

(c) Flooding - in public posting groups such as the bulletin in Friendster, some people just have the knack of wanting to get noticed. Multiple posting of a SINGLE message gets to flood the whole bulletin. Too bad, some people also use friendster bulletins for announcements such as Alumni homecoming et al...

(d) Spoilers*** - When you say she/he is a Harry Potter Book Fan, the Fan means FANATIC. They can kill if you spoil them... so beware.

It's just simple. In a moviehouse, it's just like turning off your cellphones, being quiet and not resting your feet on other people's head rests. You don't want someone wiping his/her snot on you right? Now that's what you call etiquette.


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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.


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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


      I live in a "corrupt" world.  National news here in the Philippines talks about the latest craze in corruption.  Everything seems to be corrupted.  And now, it even struck my windows profile.  Because of a corrupted profile, I got to lose all of my files that were placed in the My Documents folder.  I had lost my ebooks (The Sandman is still safe), pictures(stalker, am I?) and even the Records files for Inhinyero.  Well, at least I had uploaded before the records file in the yahoo groups, though I expect that it's not that updated.  Additional work for someone overloaded already.


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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fillers (ScIoN edition)

As I can't think of a more appropriate title for this day's blog, I decided to mimic the Naruto series as if I have regular episodes to share with. After all, I have regular readers to satisfy with my very own version/kind of wisdom. (can't count the grey hairs, ei?)
I can't blog all the time as I had decided to cut down my regular internet hours during weekdays. You see, it has been eating up all of my study time. Being a full-time UP student, I don't learn the lessons in class. I learn it all by myself. All especially when the exams are already fast approaching.
Most probably, I would at least blog once a week and give you a recap of what stands out during the week. So, if you come across with this poor blog site, and still see the same sh*t written all over it; let your voice be heard and shout your demands (for an update I suppose?) over the shoutbox. Who knows, I may have writer's block. When people complain about me not updating, at least I know they visit regularly.
Anyway, why does my site wear pink? Actually, upon choosing the blog template, I did not mind (or even realize) at all. It only covers the font colors of the right side bar which is used to accentuate the topic titles. It could be red but red is bloody. Pink would be just fine. It takes one fine man to utilize the color pink properly. As it is a blog template, it should turn out quite nice. The inclusion of my shoutbox made it not. It assimilated with the sidebar; eventually, the fonts scream with pink. One thins is definite, I'm going to change the template. The trouble is, changing the template means republishing everything. From the shoutbox to the site meters et al.
I am using an old thus slow PC. Being the Computer Engineer that I should be, I am maximizing all of its potential. To this point , I believe it is already maxed out. I may not be able to deal with all those cool graphics; but at least, I get to use it for anything that is important. I don't fret not being able to play the latest games, as they just provide distractions to my studies. As for now, the only reason I should get a better system is because I could no longer watch most downloadable movies. It is because they are already implemented in more compressed video formats.
Ugh, my PC is slow, it needs more tweaking again. Worse, a reformat. I did not remember it crashing lately but now, I had just lost my previous windows profile. I still don't know the extent of the damage, the registry files that got affected. Though it became obviously slower. Virus maybe? We'll see...


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Monday, September 05, 2005

Status Messages

Do you YM? (Do you use yahoo messenger?) What's your status? Available? Yeah, me too! (No, not that...)

Status Messages feature is one of the best part in using a YM. Being infinitely online (as my room mate is scarcely present - supposedly we share the same line), my status messages tells all the people who have me in their list about what I'm currently doing, or feeling.

For the past weeks, I had been busy; thus, my status always say that I'm studying this and that... but actually not! When I meet classmates before an exam, they seem to expect from me that I had studied. It is because they saw my status with the name of our subject with "studying" attached to it. Behind the "serious" status message, I just really waste time reading manga, surfing the net or maybe sleeping! The status message I usually post is an act of a reminder that I should be doing it. To no avail, it fails.

Sometimes, status messages is a way into bragging something you have or actually doing. In the meantime, reading other people's status messages are also usually entertaining and interesting. Some may go mushy, some may sound busy, while some have no sense at all. It is also one way of looking into their personality.

So, what does your status tell? (It's too complicated - hahaha taken from friendster. What kind of status is that anyway?)


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Saturday, September 03, 2005


I actually have so many things to share/rant about but I guess there is just so little time to do it. I can summarize everything with just one word. B U S Y. Yep, hell week is already cliche. So many things to do, so little time.

Everything in me is tired already. All I can say is that... this blog already has its tag board. Now it's easier to comment on my blog. It is also one way of letting me know that you exist ( and care to even read a blog like this).


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