Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sem's End 2006

This week had been a busy one as my schedule was swamped by both work and fun. Well, at least the fun part trumped work for being a major stakeholder for this week's share. Every day was blog worthy; however, as soon as I went home (lab), I'd surf through the internet a bit, play DotA then go to sleep. No more time for blogging. haha. I'm not a fast blogger anyway.

Last Oct 26-27 was IML's (my research lab) sem-ender outing. It was us 198ers (read: thesis students for the sem) who were put in charge of the food and activities for the whole outing. IML faculty (plus SirFranz of DSP lab) came along and even took care for the venue expenses.

For our lunch, we grilled pork barbecue and bought 3 Andok's lechon manok (mukhang bitin kasi yung na-grill namin dahil nasobrahan ata ng taste test). All the time, I had been bragging about the rice that I cooked (not using a rice cooker). In urban places such as Manila, it is a rare feat to cook rice through the stove. For Dinner, Makee and I grilled bangus while the others cooked 'KFC' style. We did cook good, however, the meals were not that fulfilling because shares are limited. Yung iba mahina rin dumiskarte sa pagkain. haha.

Just like at UP Circuit's FR and sem-ender, I was in the swimming pool the whole time. You see, I am really addicted to swimming, ever since I got to learn how to swim. I've somehow mastered breast stroke and had greatly improved with butterfly! haha! Majority of the IML peeps were inside chugging down their beer and singing away with the karaoke machine. We 198ers were at the pool most of the time. Being wasted was not a good idea especially when we were tasked to prepare for breakfast the following morning. We prepared tuna and egg sandwiches for everybody.

The next day, most of the IML kids left early for their EEE53 MP submission. Right from the start, the faculty promised free lunch for the next day. Eventually, it was us 198ers who were left behind. Since only a few remained, the 'grand pakain' of the faculty became a more 'grand pakain' as the budget per head went high. We then proceeded to Samaral Seafood Restaurant along the high way in Laguna. Overall, it was fun, since we were able to bond more with our professors. For us 198ers, sulit-na-sulit talaga! I doubt if this kind of sem-ender would happen again. (next sem? nah...) Hooray for us, cool guys!


October 28: Today was the MADC finals @ Festival Mall, Alabang. I joined the UP delegate towards the event. Much like that of PICC, I get to man a table with IEEE paraphernalia and books/manuals for z80 Encore! written by DocSison and SirOsmonn. At least for now, I was no longer alone. Accompanying me was Dr.Sison's wife. They have a cute kid whose name is Linus (from Linux creator Torvald). Another bonding moment from a not-so-stranger. I think I'm improving with my social skills hehehe.

Anyway, the whole MADC was again dominated by UP Diliman. It was only on the Mobot race category where PLM won the first place. PLM's pride lies on the Mobot race; when it comes to the Open Design Competition, they don't even have a single entry. Meinard of Yamatake Lab, earned about Php13,000 at MADC. How? By winning first place in the Advanced Mobot Race, then second on the classic mobot race (where PLM was first). He did it all by himself. They even say that the algorithm for his advanced mobot entry was only programmed the night before. Malupit! With no other one to divide for the cash prize, he did won lots a cash. Napilitan nga lang siyang magpainom, due to insistent demand.

Now, the end of my week's work (and fun), went back to EEE. What am I supposed to do here? Should'nt I already be at Baguio? Well, I'm here for THE SAME reason as of last year. INC pa rin kami sa CoE141!! hahahaha. By Oct31, I should really be at home. Matapos man namin ni Eugene o hindi ang 32-bit adder. I even forgot that today was my birthday. I was only reminded when the clock struck 12am and lots of people greeted. Thank you!

Thanks to my Jap 12-13 classmates who celebrated Weng-sensei's and my birthday. Actually, the plan really was to surprise sensei on her birthday last Oct 25. Since my bday falls nearly on the same week, they included my bday in the celebration. haha. Freeloader. The party was last thursday, the same day of IML's outing; therefore, I was not there. Even so, they still celebrated it (alongside sensei's).

Here is a tribute board for me. Arigatoo!!

My schedule was really swelling with too many overlaps. Yesterday (oct28), was the baptismal ceremonies for Rania Arabella aka Plummy. She is the first child of my ka-batch Rhet (BE '02b) and the pretty Janella of the Arenas clan. I regret not being able to attend Plummy's baptism since I was hooked up with MADC. I really don't know the greetings for a newly baptized person. Is it...


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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

IEEE Philippines Exhibit

I was at PICC [Philippine Int'l Convention Center] the whole day for the IIEE Expo 2006, a convention for Electrical Engineers of the Philippines. Part of the day's program was the recent board passers' oath taking. My blockmate, Emiliano Pugoy, is this year's topnotcher, thus was prepared for a speech.

I was not able to hear Emil's speech since I was at the other building (PICC Forum) with all other exhibitors. I was with Prof.Hizon the whole morning msnning the booth. Prof.Hizon is my lab head, thesis adviser, and an IEEE officer. He was also the one who offered me the 'job' of being a student assistant for IEEE.

As I've said earlier in one of my blogs, I am a person who always bow down to authority. In that case, it would be normal for me to be quiet unless spoken to. However, since our booth was boring (our side faces the wall), we had nothing to do but to converse on different topics: from the serious to the 'chismis'.

At lunch time, we ate at Kalye Juan in the SM Mall of Asia. Of course I payed nothing,hehe. It was my first time; had a quick tour through the mall then went back to our booths. . This time, it was only me. Prof.Hizon said he had to administer an exam (palusot hehehe).

There were many booths present at the center. Some booths even had their own lady models just to attract delegates. Too bad IEEE Philippines could not afford any model to man the booth with me. There were booth boys who pair themselves with the models as they market their products. I wish.

I was able to find a 'printer' for my IEEE posters. However, after the first pair of posters, I was asked by Prof.Hizon that I should make 2 more pairs. That afternoon, I called the printer's office and asked if he would be open the next day (holiday); he said yes. The following day, my return from Circuit FR, I was set to have the posters printed; however, he said he closed shop. I had said that I already need it "tomorrow" so he offered for me to come over by night time. It was already too late for jeepneys to roam around, so I texted him that hopefully I could get it by 6am. He agreed. The next day, I woke up 6am, yet I had caled him to verify if the shop is already open. He said his shop is open. As I've approached his front steps, the door sign says CLOSED. I tried to call, yet he was 'out of reach'. Gago tlaga yun. Pinaasa niya lang kliyente niya.

Btw, the name of his business is ARTEKULIT. I better find other outfits like his. I can not stand that kind of unprofessionalism.
Another Btw, I went to PICC alone. Commuted. yehey! Still, I consider myself the one with no sense of direction.

I'm tired and sleepy. Sem-ender 'uli' bukas!

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I got tagged?

Ok. To appease Nino, the format for this blog shall be in relation to the 'tag virus' he had diffused.

Once tagged by this entry, write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. In the end of it, pick six of your friends and tag them! (No tag backs). This explanation must be included, of course.

1. I got 1.25 for my thesis! woohoo! We have been told by our advisers that we could have had 1.0 only if we had organized more of our data. We had finished our thesis project weeks before D-day. Since we had some time, we were able to tweak with some of our designs, thus were able to improve more for our data. However, the discrepancies between our submitted data on short paper and those presented during the final presentation, were interpreted as being inconsistent.
Still, part of the deductions we may have received were based on our group dynamics. Actually, our group is very much intact, save for one. My thesis group is composed of 5 people. All we really needed was 4. This group had been forged ever since our CoE141 days. During that semester, we have been already 'camping out' at IML; thus, had lots of bonding moments. This 'group' had been together for about 3 semesters already. For these 3 semesters, this other guy had been in the background, even till the semester that he was supposed to help in our thesis. Tsk tsk. He should thank God that our advisers are kind. Our group grade is 1.25. He was given 1.5. Lucky bastard.

2. I should have gone to PMA and pursued a military career. I am loyal to where I belong and have a high regard to authority.

3. I almost always plan for the future. However, I am now stuck on choosing whether I shall get a part-time job or remain to be a full-time student for next sem. I seem not to care anymore.

4. I have no high school batchmates here in UP. All of them stayed behind. Because of this, I was somewhat 'forgotten' and got lost out of their circles. So every time I go home to Baguio, consider me lucky if I would have a gimmick. Thus, going home became a perfect venue for personal reflection. My life already have nested in the big city.

5. I'm so busy this sembreak because of my SA duties. They're sucking me up like hell. I'm not even sure if this pays.

6. This is my next week's schedule:
Oct23-24 (UP Circuit's sem-ender/FR)
Oct25 (IEEE exhibit at PICC)
Oct26-27 (IML's sem-ender)
Oct28 (MADC Finals)
Oct29 (Ideally - go home!)

Now, who's the it? Go get tagged.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Battle Royale 1.0

We just had our sem-ender cosplay party this morning. Well, I was not able to pull-off an impressive Ryoma Echizen since I don't have the exact apparel as costume. I'm surely going to miss my classmates. I feel pretty nostalgic now, as if we were high school students on our way towards graduation.

The main event of our sem-ender was to watch our (and the other class -> Jap10-11) film presentation. It just so happened that our film screening was delayed due to a constraint of time in editing. Our call time was 9am, yet we were only able to watch our film at 1pm.

Battle Royale Uno is a spoofed film presentation based from the violent Battle Royale movie. Our DVD copy is currently under my possession, and I'm sort of addicted to watching it. In fact, I loved it. Since it was a class project, everybody was there, including Sensei.

Jap 12-13 is among my favorite classes of all time. My classmates and I were like blockmates in our freshie year. Anyway, it is not hard to enjoy with people who are "genki" just like my G-23 blockmates. I'm surely going to miss them. I hope the proposed group study sessions for the upcoming JLPT level 4 exam would push through, for more bonding sessions.

Sayonara! Mata ne!


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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Final Thesis Presentation [Dual Core Capability of a 32-Bit Microprocessor]

Finally, we're done! Though we still don't know about our final grades yet. There seems to be a bragging rule about thesis titles, that its length and the inclusion of technical jargons is a must in order to increase its 'angas' rate. Too bad that ours was limited to what it is now. Given the chance, our thesis title should have been, "High Level Design and Implementation of a Dual-Core Capable 5-Stage Pipeline 32-Bit DLX Microprocessor".

Anyhow, here are some pics of our thesis defense!



Presenting our Results and Analyses

The Cool Guys of IML!

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blacked Out

A lot of events had already transpired, though I no longer have the mood to blog about it. I have the urge to write about everything 'blog worthy' that had happened during the past few days; however, the long list simply shrouds my thoughts. To lessen this load in thinking (and remembering), I guess I should create this mental blackhole and accept that those events are to be 'unpublished'. Blogging for me would be easier if I write my thoughts regarding the current, not that of the past.

I feel so relaxed. This is because after our Final thesis defense on wednesday, I'm free!!! From academic loads, I mean. Well, not yet fully free you know... coz I still have those darned 3 units left for next sem.

Actually, I still have 2 exams for my Jap12-13 class. Finals (Jap12-13) on monday, and comprehensive (JLPT level 4 mock) the following day. We will be having a cosplay party on friday (Oct 13) and I plan to do 'Ryoma Echizen' of "Prince of Tennis" fame.

If you guys have some apparel that looks LIKE those from above, please lend me some!! (Ryoma also uses Yonex tennis bags, I hope some of you have one :D)

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