Saturday, October 21, 2006

I got tagged?

Ok. To appease Nino, the format for this blog shall be in relation to the 'tag virus' he had diffused.

Once tagged by this entry, write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. In the end of it, pick six of your friends and tag them! (No tag backs). This explanation must be included, of course.

1. I got 1.25 for my thesis! woohoo! We have been told by our advisers that we could have had 1.0 only if we had organized more of our data. We had finished our thesis project weeks before D-day. Since we had some time, we were able to tweak with some of our designs, thus were able to improve more for our data. However, the discrepancies between our submitted data on short paper and those presented during the final presentation, were interpreted as being inconsistent.
Still, part of the deductions we may have received were based on our group dynamics. Actually, our group is very much intact, save for one. My thesis group is composed of 5 people. All we really needed was 4. This group had been forged ever since our CoE141 days. During that semester, we have been already 'camping out' at IML; thus, had lots of bonding moments. This 'group' had been together for about 3 semesters already. For these 3 semesters, this other guy had been in the background, even till the semester that he was supposed to help in our thesis. Tsk tsk. He should thank God that our advisers are kind. Our group grade is 1.25. He was given 1.5. Lucky bastard.

2. I should have gone to PMA and pursued a military career. I am loyal to where I belong and have a high regard to authority.

3. I almost always plan for the future. However, I am now stuck on choosing whether I shall get a part-time job or remain to be a full-time student for next sem. I seem not to care anymore.

4. I have no high school batchmates here in UP. All of them stayed behind. Because of this, I was somewhat 'forgotten' and got lost out of their circles. So every time I go home to Baguio, consider me lucky if I would have a gimmick. Thus, going home became a perfect venue for personal reflection. My life already have nested in the big city.

5. I'm so busy this sembreak because of my SA duties. They're sucking me up like hell. I'm not even sure if this pays.

6. This is my next week's schedule:
Oct23-24 (UP Circuit's sem-ender/FR)
Oct25 (IEEE exhibit at PICC)
Oct26-27 (IML's sem-ender)
Oct28 (MADC Finals)
Oct29 (Ideally - go home!)

Now, who's the it? Go get tagged.

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