Saturday, October 14, 2006

Battle Royale 1.0

We just had our sem-ender cosplay party this morning. Well, I was not able to pull-off an impressive Ryoma Echizen since I don't have the exact apparel as costume. I'm surely going to miss my classmates. I feel pretty nostalgic now, as if we were high school students on our way towards graduation.

The main event of our sem-ender was to watch our (and the other class -> Jap10-11) film presentation. It just so happened that our film screening was delayed due to a constraint of time in editing. Our call time was 9am, yet we were only able to watch our film at 1pm.

Battle Royale Uno is a spoofed film presentation based from the violent Battle Royale movie. Our DVD copy is currently under my possession, and I'm sort of addicted to watching it. In fact, I loved it. Since it was a class project, everybody was there, including Sensei.

Jap 12-13 is among my favorite classes of all time. My classmates and I were like blockmates in our freshie year. Anyway, it is not hard to enjoy with people who are "genki" just like my G-23 blockmates. I'm surely going to miss them. I hope the proposed group study sessions for the upcoming JLPT level 4 exam would push through, for more bonding sessions.

Sayonara! Mata ne!


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