Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blacked Out

A lot of events had already transpired, though I no longer have the mood to blog about it. I have the urge to write about everything 'blog worthy' that had happened during the past few days; however, the long list simply shrouds my thoughts. To lessen this load in thinking (and remembering), I guess I should create this mental blackhole and accept that those events are to be 'unpublished'. Blogging for me would be easier if I write my thoughts regarding the current, not that of the past.

I feel so relaxed. This is because after our Final thesis defense on wednesday, I'm free!!! From academic loads, I mean. Well, not yet fully free you know... coz I still have those darned 3 units left for next sem.

Actually, I still have 2 exams for my Jap12-13 class. Finals (Jap12-13) on monday, and comprehensive (JLPT level 4 mock) the following day. We will be having a cosplay party on friday (Oct 13) and I plan to do 'Ryoma Echizen' of "Prince of Tennis" fame.

If you guys have some apparel that looks LIKE those from above, please lend me some!! (Ryoma also uses Yonex tennis bags, I hope some of you have one :D)

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