Friday, August 25, 2006

I am a "Webnoobie" Soon to be a Master

I know that I've stated earlier that one of my motivations in blogging is to learn HTML coding. We usually deal with HTML when we reconfigure our layout, or better yet when we create a whole new design.

Now I know that I'm right. I am now learning HTML for a bigger cause. I am to be the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) - Philippines section webmaster. Sounds cool ei? hehehe...

Nothing to expect much from the site though... since my main task is to update it regularly with news, announcements and stuff. I think 'Web Content Developer' is a more apt term to use. It's not really something big time since this is actually some sort of SA (student assistant) stuff. I still don't know if I'll be receiving any for this; if ever I will, I don't expect it to be big.

How did I get this? Well, Sir Richard and Doc Sison are officers for the local IEEE organization. Since I am an IML student affiliate, I was referred to by Sir Richard himself. It's really but normal to have SA positions in our lab. I'd think that mine is easier than that of the others (ex: research on FPGAs and other stuff).

I am a bit excited with this one since I get to do something new and different. So much with all hardware programming and stuff, this thing's a bit of a challenge too. I guess I'm already tired with academic stuffs.

Can't wait to learn new tricks. woohoo!

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