Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Test Shots

For this year's Inhinyero yearbook staff (i2007), I am a member of the GradPic committee. Our committee is assigned into searching for photo studios that can handle the UP Engineering '07 account.

After a series of inquiries and studio interviews, we were able to narrow down our list into just 5 studios. Just recently, we had been in these studios for the test shots. These shots would be the ones posted in the Engineering 3rd floor lobby, for the subscribers to see and to decide.

I could have been the male model for the shots, but I eventually declined. I can't promise to be at the testshot-sites all the time because of some conflicting schedules (i.e. lab tours, thesis meetings). It would also lead me to an awkward state once the test shots would be made available for (eng'g) public viewing.

Being a GradPic committee member entitles one to receive special treatment from the studios. For every studio we went to, we were given free food. The first studio was located in the Chinatown area, so we were treated with Chinese food. 2nd studio gave us free KFC meals for lunch, and also gave a pizza merienda before we went home. 3rd studio (I was absent) gave pizzas. 4th studio treated us to Max's restaurant. The last studio gave us the most complete set of meals: from brunch then merienda, and then dinner!

We also had the chance of having group shots, so sometimes make-ups were applied on us alongside with some costumes. The last studio even made me an extra model. The downside of it is that they made me pose topless (I'm no macho-dancer/boldstar!)with wet-look effect kuno. I'm going to dread the time when my picture would be circulated to other people, some of my staff mates were using their cam phones on me. I'm writing this on my blog so that you won't be surprised in case you would have seen these pictures of mine. Those were not really my idea, I swear. At least you now know the story behind it.

Aside from the studio experience, one thing that I had enjoyed was the conversations with the studio owners. Talks about earlier years, business, people,etc. I plan to be a businessman someday; one can really learn much from these kind of people.

Now that the test shots are done, all of my time should be dedicated much on thesis... and my search for the perfect laptop. Dang! It's really tough investing your money into something, makes you think over and over again. Better be sure than be sorry.

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