Friday, May 26, 2006

Wanted: Perfect Laptop

I remember the film, Finding Nemo, which had a character of a crab/lobster in an aquarium. This crab had been guarding an oyster-like accessory which gives off bubbles once in a while. He had been delusional, thinking that one day, a pearl would appear from that accessory.

For the past weeks, I had been like this crab, waiting for the right moment for catching a prized possession. After gaining some amount of money from my previous rackets, I am bent into buying my own personal laptop.

Almost 90% of my online time, I check on tipidpc (and others as well) to get the best valued laptop. My major constraint is the budget for it, since the money would come from my very own pocket. Not only that, since I am to order online, I have to check on the security of my money. Just a few days ago, I had just exchanged emails with "Mihai Alin" regarding a laptop he supposedly sells. Good thing that I don't trust someone easily, I finally found out that he is a scammer. Just try googling his name and read the ebay Malaysia forums.

At first, I had settled for 2nd hand laptops since they tend to be affordable. I would just rely on the seller's feedbacks for the security of the transaction. But then, buying something second hand have great risks. Who knows that the laptop's lifespan might normally end by the time you buy it.

Buying a new one is not far off, since laptops today outsell desktops. Laptops come cheaper these days. As of now, my money on hand can not afford the new one, unless somebody can lend me some money. I hope I can ask money from my bachelor uncle, or my business-minded grandma.

I am not going to buy a laptop to boost my social status. My career path with IML is to be a hardware programmer. That mobility is needed in programming. I don't have to go home or to the lab just to do my codes. It's like being a writer in a much more technical way. I have to be able to do it anywhere at my own liking. Especially now that we are to be doing our thesis project, I don't want to be stucked in the lab. Perhaps, I can do it in a more convenient place.

Another thing is that, my main desktop is already OLD. So instead of buying a newer desktop, why not aim higher and shoot two birds with one stone via the laptop choice?

So can you guys donate for my cause?

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