Thursday, May 18, 2006

I am a DOST scholar??!!! and Family First boo-boo's!!

After finishing my contract with ePLDT, I really looked forward to receiving my very first "corporate" salary. We have not yet received our full salary since the HR needs to recompute what is due to us. I just hope I can earn higher than the promised basic pay. We're even not sure if we are also under the 15-day wage, if so, we would get fully paid only by the end of May. And I hope, it would be handed over as a check, not cash please.

I am having a hard time with my NBI clearance. We applied in the Pasig branch, then got delayed because of the processing of our picture over the weekend. Upon claiming on a monday, we were told that we should get it after 6 working days because it had to be processed in the main branch. Then they say our names got a 'hit' with their database; thus, we had to be interviewed at Carriedo (main). It turned out that I have an obligation contract with DOST. What the...?!!! As far as I know, I had not been receiving any stipend from DOST; in other words, I am not a scholar! Thanks to that, I am again delayed into getting my clearance. I have to clarify my case with DOST. If then that I am a scholar, they should be prepared with the money that I didn't get for 5 years! It would be worth the contract, I must say.
Sir/Ma'am, do you have a credit card? Upon hearing these kind of questions in a mall, saying NONE would save you your precious time. This was the very mistake Nino had when we were at Megamall coming from our NBI-Carriedo escapade. We were flagged down (530pm) by a "Family First" promo girl(?) offering Nino freebies and a chance to win 'cool big' prizes. Of course, who doesn't want freebies and a chance to win cars/ house&lots, et al?

I've heard enough of this kind of scheme but I thought Nino was interested with what they offer so I did not say anything. The tradeoff for the freebies would be a 30-minute (as promised) briefing session promoting the company. Because we did not want to be rude with the promo girl, we just gave in to her requests. We were led to the 5th floor (where the company has a HQ), onto the waiting area. You can see the other 'victims' as well waiting for the briefing session to start. It had already been about 630pm when I left Nino (I'm not qualified into their scheme anyway since I don't have a credit card).

Eventually, Nino claimed that the promised 30 minute session became 3 hours!! WTF! What did he get, 2 freakin bags with a stupid "Family First" label. Who'd be proud of that?! It's just like labeling yourself that you had been fooled by these guys. While at it, I had observed the employees and I do laud their ability as customer service representatives. It would take a lot of guts doing their kind of work. If only you can divert their energies to some kind of more responsible work. Coercion is the key word for what they had been doing to the mall-goers. They expect that through this way, many people would spread the "Family First" plans or sumthin'. As per observation, they just make people irate with what they are doing because they just waste people's time. So beware!!

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