Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Help Wanted: Part-Time Job

I am not enrolled in any subject this summer semester yet I still live in the campus dormitory. Illegal? Nope, I just simply applied for "Residency w/o Lib" [class code:88888]; written it down on my form 5 and just paid Php40.00. As easy as it may seem, it is only applicable for those who no longer have any required unit to enroll but still have something to do in the University. I needed one for the sake of being admitted in the dormitory this summer. In my case, I have 8 remaining units to enroll and nothing is offered for this summer. I do need to start on our group thesis and also work for the completion of our CoE141 (Brent-Kung Adder Implementation), that is why I am not on vacation.

It is I who have control over my schedule since I am not listed in any class. Ideally, we'd be concentrated only with our thesis; but, I am pretty sure it would be impossible that I could focus on it for a whole day (and night). I do need a diversion.

It has been decided that I should take on a part-time job. The problem is where? Since my priority would be our thesis (+ CoE141 proj), I could only afford to divert a small part of my daily schedule. As for me, the most favorable job at this moment would be a part-time job within a call center. I assume that I would be allotting at least 5 hrs daily, and still get a pay which could be more or less Php6,000 maybe. It would be not bad since it's just like taking a 6-units for summer (which was done by previous 198ers). Not bad, that I hope it would push through.

Originally, I had planned to take extra units in order to learn and build myself up for other higher degrees (e.g. Accounting 1, Language electives, etc.), but then I thought I also needed some work experience (+some cash) too. The idea of internship came in. The EEE department is focused in R&D so OJT is not required for us students. My goal for internship would then be work experience. We already had sent our resumes to HP but then I realized that internship would eat most of my time, most likely it would be an 8-hour job. It is not economical for me since I'd use up a lot of time with less pay (if even there is).

IMO, the balance of having sufficient pay with good work experience can be found at ASTI. I'd be happy if they would have an opening for me. Actually, maybe any Student Assistant work, I'd like to apply for it.

This week, I'm going to try to search for some part-time jobs in call centers. Wish us luck!

I guess, I just want to remain sane, that's all. I don't want thesis to drive me nuts! I may need air to breath and people to socialize with. :D

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