Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Molave Online

At last, our dorm is back online! Our previous internet connection had some problems with the UP-BCO (Business Concessionaires' Office). They demand that all business transactions involving students should pass first through them. They are even trying to stop our sources of drinking water refills and laundry services. Are they trying to have a cut from the business owners' revenues?

Going back with our internet connection... it's illegal. Which means that the BCO doesn't (shouldn't) know it. Who cares? We don't even feel guilty about it. It's better than waiting for (more) months to come before having a 'legal' connection.

As a result, I may be able to blog more freely and frequently(?). I don't get to blog comfortably in the lab, since I'm supposed to work on our thesis. It's like playing at work, which isn't the right thing to do.

So there.

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