Monday, August 29, 2005


I haven't blogged anything for days (weeks?). I am very busy nowadays with the usual acad work load. It's a good thing my nose is not yet clogged that I could still breathe in some air.

This semester, I may say, is by far the most challenging one. Actually, the EEE majors I am taking are meant to be the last before I get to think for our thesis project. Ideally speaking, if I pass all my units this sem, I would only have to take 13 units all in all next semester! Aside from that, not all of it are EEE subjects anymore! Wouldn't it be fun?!

The problem is the current sem. CoE 115[Microprocessor Design] takes a lot of time. Plus the exams are hell! Most dreaded subject in EEE (aside from 198 which should be a given). CoE 141 [Digital IC Design] wants all the attention done on the lab work. Too much exposure on Cadence... whew! Oh, its hard to balance these subjects as it is accompanined by the theoreticals like EEE 107 [Communication Systems] and EEE 53 [Electronic Circuits 2].

Problems, problems. No wonder why my hair turns grey easily. I always think of the problem. Better think of the solutions too, a#sh+le!


posted by ScIoN 2:09 AM


Blogger Glenn said...

It's like a horror movie... CoE 115!!! Good luck sa acads!

10:54 AM  

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