Monday, October 24, 2005

The sem is still not over!

I'm tired.  I want my freedom.  Sem's not yet over... at least for me. 
When I say that this sem is my longest, I really meant loooooooooooooooooooong.  Should I reiterate that this is the darkest?  I had experienced every kind of grade here in UP.  Thanks to  this sem.  My so far only 3 units gave me my very first  "line-of-one" EEE lecture grade here in UP.  Then I had TWO INC's, and a KUWATRO.  Cap my list with the EEE107 that I had dropped.  Ohhhh yeah...
Looking at the bright side, of course the remaining subjects could be converted into passes.  For CoE 115, its fate lies on Sir Melvin Co's approval of our documentation on our wondrous project headed by Maurice.   One thing that worries me is our CoE141 Adder project.  It had been quite some time that the project was skipped due to other subjects.  I was expecting to finish it as soon as I had handled the others.  This is actually the main reason why  I can't go home yet.
As of today, my problem got worse.  I've learned that I am going to take the EEE53 removals.  Before passing the final MP, I can only expect two grades and that should be either 3.0 or  4.0.  Now, I have to raise the stakes between 3.0 and 5.0.  Uncertainties like this kills me.  Not only that, If only I don't have to take the removals; then I would have time doing our adder project.  Of course INC means I can complete within one year but the software we are using might end its license by the end of October.  And it takes a long time for the software to come back.
I apologize for the all the mood swings that is happening in this blogsite.  Well, that's life.  Now, I'm at the bottom part of the wheel, hoping not to be crushed... too much.

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