Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Last December's underwater earthquake at Taiwan had dealt significant damage to our submarine communication cables. As a result, there is a slowed down connection towards international sites, reduced to about 60% efficiency from that of before.

Such degradation, impedes most of our functions. During the Christmas break, I had a hard time accessing my Gmail account - my primary email address. Who knows how much urgent information I may be losing by the day, especially when I was on vacation? Online entrepreneurs surely had suffered a lot. Students seemed to be in panic mode because of the unreliability with their connection. If this kind of situation happened in other countries, their government may even have declared a state of emergency.

I guess I'm just plain bored nowadays. I have been a sucker for the internet. The internet became a major event in my everyday life. Now that the internet becomes less interesting, I guess it's time to go out and play again. I am like a kid stuck with the idiot box. I am a bum that needs to get moving.


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