Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dual- Core Capable DLX Microprocessor: Candidate for Best Paper at ECE Conference 2006

Our 1.25 grade in our thesis does not stop there. Our Dual-Core Capable 32-Bit DLX Microprocessor was recently chosen as a candidate for the ECE Conference 2006's Best Paper. We will be presenting our paper on Nov 30, pitting ours against 3 others. Whether we win or lose, whoever would present our paper (we are 5 in the group), I am already happy that our thesis project had already been duly recognized as having potential.

Even at the start of our thesis proposals (1st sem, 06-07), who would think that our group would deliver such a good output. Look at us, an all-male cast who had dominated the IML for the past 2 semesters. We are naturally rowdy as a group. I remember one time for our proposal progress reports, our powerpoint background was that of an illustrated body with a bikini. Our last slide even had Xmas tunes in it. We thought we were cool until we saw the faces of our 2 lady advisers. Of course we were scolded because of that. For sure, our advisers thought we are going to be a pain in the ass for them.

Despite acting up as cool guys of IML, we still worked diligently with our thesis. Overnights at IML were usually just like camping out. But for our group, it was our playground-bedroom-workplace. We were like dogs who had marked their territory by pissing on it.

Our group is composed of different characters:
Dean is the geek-o who just turned on to his real self because of people like me and Allan. He used to be a bit reserved and mostly thinks academic. Now, he feels like a nigger or some cool latino.
Eugene is our thesis "main-man". He is 100% reliable as a groupmate. He places pictures of Korean actresses on his desktop as inspiration. Just give him a chance to play SNES ROMs and/or DoTA in between sessions and it would perk him up in finishing the thesis :P.
Allan had never changed ever since first year. He and Eugene were my bloc mates. He is a loud-mouthed happy-go-lucky-guy. Despite being the king of rowdiness, he is skilled in programming so at times, he really is useful and productive.
As for me, I have been always at the supporting role. I'm like the QA guy of the team. I also got to be the one extracting the data for the power, timing, etc of our microprocessor.
For our other groupmate, we may have had problems with him (or is it the opposite?), but I guess we just have to leave everything behind. That's what reality is all about. Nothing can be perfect.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAXINE - Nov23! (see previous post)

Filonila (Nov 24)
and Kelly (Nov 28)


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