Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back with a Vengeance

Finally! I'm breathing online again. Sad to say, my vacation was only limited to the 2 sem-ender outings I had joined before going home to Baguio. I went home the day before All Saints' Day. As usual, we had our mini-family reunion/picnic at the cemetery for my Macau grandfather. I guess this is the only time of the year we get to do some Chinese traditions.

The next day, I had the fever which rose my temperature to 40C. I already have the flu as it was my Manila pasalubong. I guess the sudden change of temperature aggravated the situation. As my fever had subsided that night, then came my nauseousness. I got hit with a 2-hit combo (puke and shit), that drained most of my fluids. I got admitted at the hospital for rehydration. Wasn't it a fun vacation at the city of Pines?

I'm back and now blogging. I am once again internet savvy and currently bumming around while waiting for my class every Tuesdays-Fridays at 4-530pm. In the meantime, I am sort of a jobhunter. Funny thing is, I get to be picky with jobs since I should consider my academic load. Call center jobs are a no for me. Most likely I might end up in IT. If ever I do, I will pick the one wherein I'd be a programmer trainee. I would like to learn new stuffs anyway, especially since I am still a student. I can also continue what I have learned through BitMicro, though I just don't know if their schedule would fit me. They are known to have long working hours anyway. I'll just keep my fingers crossed and let's see what will happen.

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