Saturday, December 16, 2006


PRINTF(" Did nothing today except to sleep. ");


Coming back to the dorm after having a "sleepover" at May's house, I found out that I was not able to completely shutdown my laptop; thus, left it running the whole time since yesterday. I won't be risking my laptop to overheat so I immediately turned it off. As most of my dorm mates were busy packing up and ready to go to the provinces, I just slept again. I just got up at about 630pm, almost 'dorm alone'.

Engineering Week 2006 is finally over. UP Circuit placed 6th overall, just behind a hundred pts or so from the rival 'ERG'. I was not able to actively participate under Circuit mainly because the events I had 'prepared' for were no longer included in this year's Eng'g week. If only there were Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton and Swimming events, I could have contributed greatly to Circuit.

Even though, Circuit lost to ERG in terms of rankings, I've still seen happiness in ckt peeps' faces. The youthful members were in high morale, not to mention having free meals 'ala IE Club'. Circuit came quite strongly at this year's major events, being included at the top 3 most of the time. As of last year, I think Circuit already belongs to the org-to-beat list. Congratulations!


As for this year's Maskipaps, we had a bigger stage (whoa! 10 hours installation!) and lots of sponsors! The weather was favorable this time. I have to admit that my brods lack hosting abilities. I could have presented myself as a host, however, I was not present in one of our meetings. I even rarely show up at workdays due to my erratic schedule. I may not be as active as I was years ago, as I am forever grateful at my fraternity, I would still like to help as much as I can.

We had Slapshock for a guest band c/o Dickies. The vocalist even particularly mentioned that before they became popular, it was at Melchor Hall where they had their first public performance. Their famous song, "Agent Orange", had a debut at our very own Maskipaps. It was nice to hear such acknowledgement, as these kind of 'famous' people remember where they came from. Another example of a "maskipaps baby" is Giselle Sanchez, who started out as a host. Sometimes, she even guests at one of our fraternity Christmas parties.

Ever heard of Jeff Pagaduan? Maskipaps ended at about 330am, and for our last performer, Jeff Pagaduan! Maskipaps, being an anything-goes variety show, is a good venue for rising artists to strut their stuff. It started 5 years ago, as Jeff was able to perform on stage. He has no band, only his acoustic guitar and his self. He does not do cover songs, in fact he composes his own. For 5 years straight, he has been our 'official' last performer. He had never requested for an earlier slot. He may have a 'thing' for doing last performances.

I have to say, Jeff does have some talent up his sleeve. In fact, the most important trait that he has is passion. I do hope he can do big next time. He may be the next Noel Cabangon, Joey Ayala, or even a John Mayer. In fact, he is no longer an exclusive last performer for maskipaps. He already 'last performs' at every concert event here in UP, even at the UP Fair! I wouldn't be surprised if he will 'last perform' again at next year's Friday night fair hosted by Beta Epsilon.


After a sleepless night due to maskipaps, I went to Eng'g at about 5pm to catch up with the circuit people. The Lantern Parade was cancelled due to security reasons. A rally was expected in response to the proposed tuition fee increase. There may be threats that had been received as UP officials would surely grace the event as they would assemble at Quezon Hall. Beta Epsilon's Fireworks Display was also cancelled as a result. Maybe we could use it for next year's friday night fair.

Anyway, for the Miss Eng'g event at the UP Film Institute, tickets were sold at about Php20. Unfortunately, tickets were distributed through the orgs to the extent that it was sold out. A lot of us were not able to get hold of a ticket. The Eng'g Student Council underestimated the expected number of audiences. As a result, we were left outside in the cold.

Good thing I was with Gordon, Argel and Jeric at that time. We even accompanied Phoebe, a pretty freshman lass from the college of Music (major in Conducting), as she also does not have a ticket not even a companion. She was a former classmate of Jeric in French class.

With the composition of our group, there was never a dull moment. We always have those gimmicks and stories to talk about to give us enough entertainment for ourselves. We have already felt the same way as the "jologs" are treated every time they were not allowed to enter inside an event. However, it was quite insulting because we were far from being harmful. Despite all of the ill feelings from the start of the event, I'm not going to hold any grudge against the ESC. After all, Stella the ESC chairperson is a good friend of mine. I understand that this was just one of the setbacks the ESC may learn from.

At the time when we were finally allowed to go inside, the place was really in full capacity. We positioned ourselves at the back; found a monobloc chair for the petite Phoebe to step on to have a better view. Phoebe is amazed with the Engineering students because of events like these. The huge participation of eng'g orgs is a major factor in the success of eng'g events including Maskipaps.

Raffy of Circuit, was the biggest bet because 'he' turned out to be a pretty candidate. Though he was not able to win the crown in the end, his 2nd place finish over ERG's 3rd was another morale booster for the org.

Engineering weeks are usually ended by the orgs through their own Christmas parties. It was good to see some of my '01 batchmates who came by at the Miss Eng'g event. Some of my batchmates decided to take a detour out of Circuit's party, and instead crash into some 01's home. Kiko'splace may be cramped up because of ckt mems' HUGE presence for the night so a detour was needed. Actually, being still in EEE, I should be with the ckt party along with Elma, Yugs and Roma to interact with the younger mems. However, I've decided to stick with my batchmates where I am most likely to be 'in'.

As entered May's home, we were greeted with lots of sweets from May's Xmas giveaways. Teejay should have treated us as promised but was unable to because he had nowhere to withdraw some money. Good thing there was Arpee (Teejay's twin?) the philantrophist who was kind enough to buy cheeseburger and fries for us. After consuming my burger, I dozed off. Nice couch, May! :P

I was able to open up my eyes the following morning while May's parents were going out of the house. Since I didn't know what to do and I seem to be the only person awake, my shy self dominated and made me sleep again to escape the scene. Didn't even attempt to say good morning just like what Dyan did. hehehe. Thanks to May for your hospitality!


IF (continU_read == '1') goto LOOP1
ELSE IF (read_enuf == '1')
PRINTF(" After the much tiring Engineering Week, indeed, SLEEP IS INEVITABLE ");

*/This is such a long post (and I nearly lost all of it after tweaking with some of the color font!). Anyway, it may be possible that I shall update again only by next year! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! */

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