Friday, January 26, 2007

I Feel So Busy

How come I'm so busy, when I only have 3 units? Well, next week (wednesday) would be our first Machine Problem (MP) deadline for my Computer Architecture subject, my elusive 3 units. I don't think I'm in a cramming mode this time. I would just like to ensure that I am doing everything according to specs.

I have to finish this MP asap, as I need to attend other scheduled engagements these coming days. In fact, I am going to take the Accenture exam this 9am at the BahayNgAlumni. Today's also the last day of the University Job Fair, and I have not floated my resumes yet to any of the new participating companies. I plan to reproduce more copies of my resume, and also have a haircut.

I hope my semi-kalbo hair had grown enough for me to have a normal barber's cut. I need to look decent on my upcoming first interview with Toshiba this Sunday. At first, I felt ecstatic when I got a call confirming my schedule of interview. I don't know if all those who applied at Toshiba are given at least a first interview. If I'm not mistaken, the 3rd interview would be my free ticket to Japan, and perhaps a future career as well.

Come to think of it, Dean and Allan, my thesis mates are also up to it (I don't know if Wilson had also applied). We're like going to be competitors having the same research background. Competition for this international hiring is tough; as of last year, no UP graduate was eventually hired in the end. We just don't know what they are really looking for. All I can say is that I would definitely pursue a hardcore engineering career if I would be accepted in Toshiba. Who wouldn't?

On monday, I am scheduled for an exam at Azeus. Now, I am having second thoughts here since I was not really trained to be a hardcore software programmer. I have been contacted by the HRs since Christmas break, but then I have denied their exam schedules except for now. I guess this would be my last chance to finally take the exam.

These job hunting experiences are still part of my college life. I guess still being a student gives additional stress in job hunting. This is because you still have to take care of that last academic load you are carrying while enduring all the physical and emotional stress you get in trying to capture that dream job/career.

I know working folks would normally miss their schooling days, probably because they all look back at those fun times. The problems of a student are no longer problems to be encountered again; thus, become negligible in the real world. As for me, I already feel that I have explored enough of the aquarium I am in. I am looking forward to enjoy life in the outside.


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