Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Engineering Job Fair 2007

This day's gonna be my first day for the Eng'g Job Fair. It was only today that I was able to float my resumes to different participating companies in the job fair. I was not able to do so earlier because I had prepared for the first exam, of my one-and-only-subject-this-sem, which was yesterday 4-530pm.

As for my exam, err...I just don't know what to say. I just hope and pray that I could maintain a higher-than- passing grade; to be able to seal my coveted graduation. Yes, I know I really should pass it because it's a retake, I took a graduate course related to it, and that we made good in thesis. The pressure is on me. All I can say is that it would be hard to ace it. The style of the exam is just not favorable for me. Not to mention the limited time to be able to think clearly.

Anyway, as for the job fair on a wednesday, not all companies opened booths. It's ok since I still have thursday and friday to give my resume and other application stuffs. This is my first time in a job fair, so I can't even compare the previous ones to this year's. However, I had been quite critical on CAPES, the Eng'g Student Council (ESC) auxiliary arm responsible for campus recruitment and career development.

Publicity for the event was weak. Eng'g job fair was made known only a week before. How could one be prepared for that? I even thought job fair's on Feb. Now I am sporting a 'grown' semi-kalbo cut, thinking my hair would grow back in time for a February job interview. One needs a TCG on most applications. You'll only get a copy after applying a week before. Because of the late notice, I'm going to get mine on Friday - the last day of Eng'g job fair.

What irked me most are the release of schedules. The planner that I am, I wanted to know when, what time, and where the company talks are to be held. I had an exam yesterday, that I wanted to know what talks I can sacrifice not to attend. I've waited for email announcements (which should have been standard procedure of info dissemination) but to no avail no one had an idea; not until the day of the job fair itself.

I already have preferences on what companies I want to apply at. P&G is on top of that list, but their standards are way too high. I've tried their online exam and it's based on determining one's characteristics and leadership qualities - nothing technical. I am quite confident in my leadership skills since I've tried all sorts of things, particularly with the organizations that I had been an officer of. But man, they have some sort of filter, only looking at the past presidents (or at least vice) of organizations. If you have seen a copy of their list of qualifications, this filter was clearly written.

As if I would like to shout discrimination(!) for all the other potentials not having those appellations. I had seen a poster of P&G's UP hires, and darn I know most of those people. They were the org presidents, year after year. So for the lower years reading my blog, vie for org presidency. It's a boost for a future career, I tell you.

Aside from my preferred companies, I also have the 'snubbed' ones. Take for example TI(Texas Instruments). I know, TI should have been ideal for me since I'm from Baguio. Compared to Metro Manila, Baguio has only TI for a (big time) company where I think I could fit considering I am to graduate from UP EEE. Much to my dismay, I had known how much they give as salary, and it is too damned low. I tell you, even the call center agents would earn better than you. In a way, I think the low pay is an insult; shows how most Philippine companies treat its engineers. Cheap labor, huh? We are so exploited.

2 days more of Eng'g job fair; I hope I would be enlightened on what my future holds. As a UP student, it's really quite assuring that any job can be readily offered to you. The dilemma only starts upon reaching the fork that makes you choose on a career track you plan to pursue. Would it be worth it?

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