Monday, January 15, 2007

Jeff and Dyan's Birthday Bash (and Bevan's)

Jeff and Dyan deserve today's post since they have just hosted a birthday blowout. Dyan's (my G23-2001 blocmate) birthday is actually every January 13; however, since Jeff's (Circuit '01 kabarkada) birthday is on the 15th, it's very practical to have a joint celebration instead.

After some deliberations from the experts (c/o May), we eventually ended up in Sbarro. Dyan correctly predicted that the typical choices of bday blowouts would be on these kinds of fastfoods. No loss for me since this was actually my first time in the pizza-pasta establishment. In fact, anywhere is fine since today was a Sunday, meaning there was no paid dorm food waiting. So I get to have free dinner! Good timing, hehe.

So we ate pizza and pasta. No further explanations. Except that CL and I became a bit shy on ordering. We followed May and Nino's style of 50/50 for each pizza and pasta; the others were able to order a whole of each kind. Jeff even exclaimed that he did not become scared of our orders. He had high expectations that we might order too much, but we didn't. Taga-UP kasi e, hehehe, tipid.

Anyway, here are some pics taken from Norman's camera (I guess, along with the laptop, he had requested these items from her mom for thesis use. palusot, hehehehe)

(L-R: May, CL, Bevan, yung maliit na nasa likod di kasali sa pic, Dyan, Jeff, Elma, me & Nino)

Introducing... the latecomers Norman(1st row-far left), Ivan(2nd row-far left), Carlo and Karlene(magsyota - far right) Not in picture: Liz who was very late and ate in Mcdonalds instead.

Nice pic. Sbarro in the background, a balanced picture, and me in the middle. :D

Last week, January 6, it was Bevan's birthday and we were invited for dinner at his home in UP BLISS. Among those present were Elma, Norman, Dyan, Allan Gordon and me.

(L-R: Norman, Elma, Dyan, me, bday boy Bevan and Allan Gordon. Not in pic: CarloLara who came in late)

お誕生日 おめでとう ございます!
ベヴァン―くん と
ダヤンーちやん と

(trans. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bevan, Dyan and Jeff!)

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