Monday, January 22, 2007

Room Mate

At the start of this semester, I had been very happy with regard to my living conditions. I am a dormer, accomodated in a 2-man room in which I have no room mate. This state of solitude gave me the privacy a typical dormer covets.

In having a room mate, you should be able to get along with him/them. For the record, I had about 15 room mates for the past 5 years and I'm proud to say that I had survived their company (or was it the other way around?). There was even a time that I had 3 homosexuals as room mates (and the opposite room full of 'their kind'), but that didn't make me go find another room for safety.

Just recently, my solitary privilege seemed to be on its end. One wing-mate knocked on my door (and woke me up) and asked if It would be ok for me to have a room mate. "No," I said. Since the dormitory did not fill its capacity due to its impending reconstruction, there were vacancies in other rooms. I pointed him to some 4-man rooms at the first floor where there were only 2 residents in it. However, he said that it was a 2-man room that 'his friend' prefers'. "No".

Eventually, he readily admitted that it was he who wanted to transfer. Wow. As if he is not from a 2-man room himself. In fact, he is just 3 doors away from mine. It turned out that he and his room mate were not in good terms. Since I am a 'tambay' at the room next to theirs, I was aware of their quarrel. We heard some shoutings one time while my companions were watching 'Prison Break. I just never thought I would someday be affected by their hate relationship.

This 'guy' almost pleaded on his knees, explaining that he could no longer concentrate yada yada... he's graduating...blah blah. Great. Now I had to sympathize with him. "Bakit di na lang kayo magbati?", was the only thing I could say; a futile attempt to save my sole ownership of 'my' room.

"Sige na, madali naman akong kausap". Yeah right. I had already said my "No's" and yet you are still there pleading. In the end, I just gave in. He promised that he would transfer to a house in time for graduation anyway, by March, I'm expected to have the room all by myself again.

Sigh. Ever since I had no room mate, some part of the room got a bit messy with all my boxes and stuff just placed on top of the empty bed next to mine. At least he offered to do the fixing. He owes me anyway for allowing him in. Well, I guess one thing good about having a room mate is that I get to fix my things again out of respect to them.

I just hope he won't give me a headache. He's an econ student, probably he knows most chicks there. I am thinking positive here.


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