Thursday, March 27, 2008

Have Some Fun While You're At It!

Tomorrow, I'm going to attend a kansougeikai [歓送迎会 - welcome and send off party for the new and retiring employees]. OrsonTan is one of the new guys. Venue would be at the Foodiun Bar. Since I'm assigned to work under a client company (far from the main office), I have to rush out of work after 6pm and hopefully arrive at Shin Yokohama not later than 830pm.

Normally, it should take 2 hours for me to get there via train (+transfers). I plan to take the shinkansen (aka bullet train) from Tokyo, hehehehehe. The 45minute ride from Tokyo to Shin Yokohama would then be cut down to just 18 minutes, just add 840yen (330Php) to the basic rate [for the unreserved seats]. I'm willing to pay the surcharge since this trip would be reimbursible hehehe. So a free bullet train ride for me tomorrow.

After the party, I'll be staying over at the "official" company apartment. On Saturday, we'll go hanami-ing. It's reallly a popular culture thing here in Japan, like Xmas is to the Philippines. The main attraction here are the Ume blossoms and the Sakura trees (Cherry Blossoms). Oh I wish it would a beautiful sunny day.

On the 5th and 6th of April, we're going to Nikko, a UNESCO world heritage site. I'm so excited since I've been cooped up at work and in the apartment for like 2 months (!!). I sort've promised to myself that I'll go out more often from now on. It's time to take pictures!

Goodbye boring and lonely days. I just hope this initial enthusiasm wouldn't be dominated by laziness when the time comes...

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