Monday, January 14, 2008

(2) 007

Hah. My very first post for the year. For some reason, I have been feeling lazy on updating my blog. Maybe I could blame it on my current internet connections (legal one is slow, and the leeched ones are being unreliable).

I've been blogging since 2005 (though not as serious as some bloggers) and at times it's fun to read about oneself based on your own previous posts. Owning a blog may seem corny at first as it can be compared to writing down a cheesy Dear Diary, but I guess on this internet age, blogging is way cooler. If only I could get to be a professional blogger wherein you earn while you write; it's just not that easy to go pro though.

Anyway, just like everyone else, this is going to be my "the year that was" post. I could say that the year 2007 had been great for me and so it deserves at least a recap.
2007's main highlight for me would be my graduation (at last, hehe). Well, everything else worth noting is somehow related to this graduation year. Who else wouldn't be so happy being able to survive EEE. Based on general statistics regarding mortality rate, average years to finish, curriculum requirements, academic performances, I could say that EEE would be the hardest academic life one could get in UP (also add my personal bias, of course).

One of the happiest things that happened in 2007 was the Toshiba Global Interview. Who would've thought that I be one of the lucky 13 Filipinos sent to Japan for the final interview?! hehe. It was yet the 2nd year for Toshiba to get interviewees from the Philippines and we were told to do our best once we get to Japan. During our time, there was no definite number as to how many Filipinos they are going to hire in the end. For the first 2 years, only 3 were given the job offer, but now I've heard that there already have been 5 slots for Filipinos. This means that Toshiba would regularly recruit in the Philippines from now on.
I'm proud enough to be able to reach the "pinaka-final round" of the interview (ala reality tv). I've regarded myself as the underdog among the Philippine delegates, that's why, hehe. Kaya sa mga nagapply jan, regardless of academic standing don't lose hope, hehehe. Another happy moment was when me and my mother had the same time and date of arrival in the Philippines. What a coincidence! hehe. Not to mention I finally received my JLPT level 4 certification upon reaching home (but come to think of it, level 4 is just so so...level 2 means something!).

Despite not being able to get the job from Toshiba (admittingly a heartbreaking one during that time), it sort of opened new doors for me. Being able to withstand the whole interview process really gave me a boost of confidence that helped pave my way through the next job applications. In the end, I really felt flattered and thankful that I was able to have The Choice on which job I am going to pursue with.

And so, within just a year I was able to travel back and forth to Japan 3 times already! First one was of course the Toshiba trip, 2nd was my business trip in my current company, and the 3rd was for my return trip to Japan since I'm going to work here from now on. I guess this would be the most number of trips I could get in a year, unless I'd have a job that would tag me as an official jetsetter.

Of course there also have been uneventful events in 2007, and the most significant would be my "diagnosis" of having hypertension problems. It's really frustrating when you are young and stay fit that you are still diagnosed as having some sort of ailment. Who knows, I may just have some special power that consequently raises my blood pressure (hehe, too much fiction). Perhaps the good thing for this is that it makes me aware now of the things I eat. As they say, "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure".
And so going forward to the year 2008. Supposedly it's going to be the year of the Rat and so this should be my year (meaning more luck and success, hopefully). All I can say is that 2008 would be some year of hard work. I am involved in some huge project that I know for a fact that could determine the fate of my current career for the next few years to come.

I do hope I would gain new friends here, so as to maximize and enjoy my stay in Japan. Whatever plans I am thinking of right now, I'll still be "crossing the bridge, just when I get there". At least for now, the experience should be worth it.

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