Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Going Home This December(!!!)...

... and back again.

My 3 months business trip here in Japan is finally nearing its end as my visa shall expire on the 2nd of December. My main assignment is to work under the client company. After our first week in Japan, we had relocated from Kanagawa prefecture (where our head office is located) to Saitama (client's location).

For these 2 months and running, we eat at the company canteen, wear the standard top-bottom uniform and report to work daily. Basically, our stay was like an immersion stage for us to get used to a Japanese company's way of life. Also, to observe and have an idea about our client company's operations. Within these 3 months, we are to be evaluated by the client company. Our tenure here in Japan is dependent on their decision about the finalization of the project agreement between them and our company.

And so, the good news is... we have been approved. Time lines had been set and the action at work shall at least commence next year, 2008. Because of this, I shall be transferred to the Japan side. My Certificate of Eligibility coming from the Japanese embassy had already been processed. This is to be used for my Engineer visa application.

I'm coming home to the Philippines to process the required papers (visa, poea, etc). The sad news is... my stay would not be fit enough for some kind of 'vacation'. The ideal date of my return here in Japan is on Dec 16. So that gives me barely 2 weeks stay in the Philippines.

Originally, we (together with my work partner) hoped that we could be saved by the Xmas break. Thinking that our impending return would be scheduled at the start of next year, meaning more time with family and friends in the Philippines.

I intend to go home to Baguio City. The last time I went home was in May, prior to my first day at work. 2 weeks 'vacation' wouldn't be enough not to mention the slow government processing (poea, owwa), and I might still be required to report to work daily at our Philippine office. That means my only chance of going home would be on a weekend. Once I go back to Japan, that would already be one year before I would be able to go home again. So there. I have to make the most out of my stay in the Philippines.


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