Thursday, September 13, 2007

Celebrity Profile

We had a small meeting with Naka-san, Jr. Manager of client company's Tech and Research dept. He discussed to us their corporate profile and a short discussion about color filters, one of their main services. Naka-san knows some English pero nauubusan din hehe. After that, he brought out 2 of our resumes, the ones submitted by our company. Probably he wanted to talk about anything else, business aside.

I was shocked when he brought out another paper which was a full colored printout of my friendster page! Nakakahiya! hahahaha!

Naka-san told me he found it when he googled for our company name. Apparently, my profile included my current company. I know that my friendster profile was set for public viewing but I did not intend it to be seen by the whole world. Only for my 'long time no see' friends. Actually, I had it set to private last August, but unfortunately Naka-san had discovered it earlier.

Nakakahiya talaga, tennis pose pa ako nun. Buti na lang hindi yung gradpic ko na nagsha-shave yung nafeature. haha! So peeps, beware! Google-able na ang friendster profiles. Dati hindi eh. bad trip haha. Halos matunaw ako sa upuan kanina. Pero oks lang. Natuwa rin naman siya hehe.

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