Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He Who Has Not Read It Yet

(Spoiler, WARNING: Please do not spoil me...)

Last night, I started reading Harry Potter (Book I). hahahahaha! I actually had read the first book before, but that was way back when I was still a freshman (5 years ago). I really like reading books. I think it's the default thing for me to do when I get bored (and have no internet access).

One of the reasons I did not read the Potter books before was because of it being too hyped. I don't like to read just because of a book's popularity and the want of being in. Just like in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, I read it only after it's peak. I actually have known Brown's book before it became controversial. Just when almost everybody tried to read it, I decided to skip and wait for all the fuss to pare down.

Now that the final installment of Harry Potter have been published, I think it's time (or too late?) for me to catch up. My primary reason for not being able to read Harry Potter books was mainly because I had no time. In college, I was only able to read books during semestral breaks. I tried reading a fiction book right in the middle of the semester once. I had a hard time finishing it because of incessant breaks. Sometimes, when the break reaches for days, I have to go back a few pages just to remember how the story flows.

Now, I have a complete set of Harry Potters in my virtual shelf -- my hard disk that is. Thanks to Norman, I got the latest ebook installment from him through the UP Circuit egroups. haha!


I have always been a Simpsons fan. This is a yellow version of me c/o Simpsonize. ScIoN Simpson


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