Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tennis Weekends

I really don't have much to do on weekends. I'm the lone yuppie (young urban professional) in the startup company I am with right now. The closest I've got is my partner but he already has a wife and a daughter. He's got responsibilities of his own; thus, no time for yuppy-ing around. (He's not of the dotA age)

Yuppies are like freshman university students grouping together forming a bloc. Usually, officemates hang out together forming a yuppie bloc of their own. Gimmicks, outings, bonding sessions, et al.

Everybody needs a social life; thus, in my case I always turn back to UP to seek company and keep myself sane. Weekends are also the only time I can get to play tennis. Good thing my TennisUP friends are always there (tennis junkies!) so at least I always have someone to play tennis with.

I am also happy to know how successful TennisUP have become. For this semester, a total of 300 applicants reportedly signed up! (Awoo! Awoo!) During the start of the training sessions, about a 100++ showed up. But hey, that's still a big number considering that we have limited courts. Soon enough, TennisUP would be some sort of elite club like the Mountaineers or Laya FC. It has to be quality over quantity. Being known to be one of the founding members for this fast-rising organization definitely boosts my pride, heh heh heh.

Last weekend, I was not able to play tennis due to the rain. Rain, rain go away; at least spare me a Saturday! Good thing, yesterday it just rained a bit. By 2pm, the courts are already dry. It has been weeks since my last tennis. I need to play often to improve my game.

Of my recent developments, I am now able to use the Semi-Western grip which would help me give more topspin to the ball. I do can deliver good strokes and slices. All I really need is consistency. I can also serve, but still I want to practice more kick-ass services.

I hope I can play more in Nihon.

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