Monday, July 23, 2007

[Food] Trip to Chinatown

Marien, a UP EEE batchmate, will be leaving for Singapore this 25th of July. She'll be a graduate student at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She was a Digital Signals Processing (DSP) lab student affiliate in UP. I forgot to ask if she would continue on that field; but surely, it has to be EEE-related.

Marien's 'pakain' was held at President's Restaurant, an authentic Chinese restaurant located at Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila. Most of us who were coming had no idea of the Chinatown area, we all agreed to meet at Taft, since we would go there via LRT1.

With my usual Saturdays at the Tennis Courts, I came all the way from UP towards the meeting place. I wasn't able to play tennis because of the TennisUP applicants' training in the morning, and the ocular inspection (for the acquaintance party site) after lunch. By 3pm, it already rained. It rained hard and was even accompanied with ice bits. When the weather became a bit fine at 430pm, I decided to at least have some jog around campus. By the near end of my first lap, it rained again.

It was already 5pm, and the meeting time was supposedly at 530. Thus, I just wiped myself and changed my wet shirt. I arrived at Taft at about 6pm, in shorts bringing along my racquet. It turned out that I wasn't the last one anyway. We waited for the 'Pisay' people who just came from the premiere of the movie about their high school.

Coming from the Carriedo drop-off station, we walked the whole stretch of Ongpin St. until we finally found our destination. The long walk was worth it since we were able to get a glimpse of the Chinatown district along the way. Indeed, Binondo is a haven for Chinese traders and businessmen, with all those different kinds of establishments you can encounter.

At the President's Restaurant, we were ushered in by waitresses in Chinese dresses. At the reserved section, it turned out that we were actually attending the debut of Marien's sister. As far as we knew, we came for her padespedida. Our group was composed of Danes, Liz, Elma, Roma, James(of DSP), Ghe, Nino, Jim and me. We had a whole table exclusively for ourselves as the other tables were occupied by the other groups (debutante's friends and family).
(L-R:Liz, Elma, Me, Marien, Roma, Nino, James, Ghe. Di pa dumarating si Danes and Jim)

The whole evening we just sat talking while eating and analyzing the food being served since it was said to be authentic Chinese food. Liz says that Lauriat means a serving of 7 dishes, but we had more than 7. Most of the dishes given to us were topped with seafood (specifically shrimp). After the first few dishes, I was already craving for some heavy meat. At last, the chicken came, but I guess I already had my fill from the earlier dishes. Not to mention the butter and the vetsin (seasonings) poured in all the meals, it made me stop wanting for more.

At about 1030pm, eating time was over and we gave our thanks and goodbyes to Marien and her family. We still had no idea how to go home. Thankfully, Jim was around and he accompanied us to Lawton where public transport is accessible. There were jeeps and FX's going straight to Cubao but since, I didn't feel secure with those, I joined the group going home via Fairview FX.
(May and Marien @ Eng'g2006 GradParty)

Aside from Marien, May will also be leaving the country this July (24) for further studies at the US. To May and Marien, congratulations for that wonderful opportunity and good luck!


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