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The term Japayuki is commonly associated with Filipinas working in Japan as entertainers (singers, musicians, dancers et al). There is a significant number of Filipino entertainers in Japan that when applying for a Japan Visa, there is a specific category for them alongside Business visa, Engineer visa et al. One negative connotation for Japayuki is when it is being referred to the flesh trade of prostitution. Try searching Japayuki in wikipedia and you will be redirected to this wiki page.

I am a Japayuki. NO, not a prostitute, not even to be classified as an entertainer (I can be a high class gigolo though, but that would depend if the client would be a goddess). Let me explain further.
With my Nihonggo training, I had learned that the term Japayuki literally means "Japan bound". The main reason why Japayuki had been commonly associated with entertainers is because it is the common profession for the "Japan bound" foreigners. Japanese are known to be open perverts so I guess they had been craving for those "Japan bound" prostitutes as well.
Japan is a highly ageing society, entertainers are scarce and pretty soon even engineers. Tomorrow, I'm going to Japan (thus, I'm Japan bound = Japayuki) for my real assignment (= work) at our client company. I think I'll be quite busy for the next 90 days, I may not be able to blog or be available online. After being quite lax for the past 3 months, the next 3 would now be the real deal.
I'll be back by December this year, but I don't know if I'm going to stay long. There is a chance that I will fly back again as soon as possible and may not even spend the Christmas holidays here. This is a big step in my career and I do hope I would enjoy the work there.
sore ja,
Wish me luck and good health.

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