Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Need to Update

A month long hiatus... which meant that nothing big/blog worthy happened recently. On weekdays I just go to work, then on weekends -- rest. My life revolves around a PC nowadays. PC at work, then PC-ing again at home. Yep, it's a livable life but where's the fun in it?

I no longer know what to do with my blog. It's just fully loaded with cross-posts coming from my multiply account. At first, I wanted it to be some sort of a techie blog, or to write things about Japan. I guess I've lost that blogging impulse. I think I'd better do a photoblog instead, just post some shots, explain a bit about the subject then wait for the comments. haha, lazy. As if I have enough photos already. It may be because of the winter season that I haven't gone out much to shoot. Hopefully I'd get to be more enthusiastic with this hobby to fully motivate myself to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

I thought blogging would be easier with a super fast connection, but it just led me to download and watch so many movies and series that it's basically what I do now. However, due to the recently concluded writers' strike, new episodes/seasons would come out earliest by midyear.

I guess what's available for me to watch now is American Idol. Aside from wanting Fil-Am Ramiele to win the competition (despite having fierce competitors), I love speculating on those who would be voted off soon basing from the judges' comments, popularity and the actual performances.

Continuing on with my personal update, the company retrieved back the PDA initially leased to me. Phone subscription assistance would still be provided at max 3Kyen per month, although I still have to get my own phone from now on. It's not a big deal for me to lose a phone since rarely do I give/receive a call, however it comes in handy during times when I go out and meet with other people/friends. I hope there are 1yen phone packages that would cost more or less 3Kyen per month and then include a nifty camera phone. If it wouldn't be a 1yen phone, then I have to buy a 3G/CDMA and openline capable one so that I can also use it in the Philippines. Any suggestions on what unit? Mobile service provider?

Also, thanks (or no thanks) to Cholle, I have set my eyes on these limited edition watches by Tokyoflash. I have always wanted to "think" or to be consciously aware while glancing on my watch. This was one reason why I use a 1 hour advanced watch. One "minor" reason was to fool other people. *heh heh*

Their designs give the person a distinct way to think everytime they want to know the time.

I'm quite happy that the Yen has been strong lately. Against the dollar, it has now reached the 100yen is to 1 USD. In effect, it has maintained it's strength against the Peso at about .39-.40 level. What I am not happy is the effect of the US economy on worldwide stocks. I have invested a significant amount in Philippine equities and now I have a paper loss of 20%. If only I could add to my portfolio while the NAVs are down so as to level down my losses, however I can only do that when I come home. Oh I wish it wouldn't go lower than -20%. If Yen:Peso would reach .50, I'd certainly be happy.

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