Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ghibli Museum

Yesterday, I went out with my Toshiba friends to visit the Ghibli Museum located in the Tokyo's western suburbs (Mitaka). The museum features the works of Studio Ghibli, an animation company popular for films like Spirited Away (2001) and Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986) [the only Ghibli films I was able to have watched].

This museum is a definite haven for animation artists/fans who would like to take a backstage view of how animated films are being created. From scrapbooks to numbered inks (ala cross stitch), books, drawing tables, etc. It is indeed a fine arts museum. Also, a great visit for the young and young-at-heart.

There are so many things to describe and to write about this museum. The sad thing about the place is that "pictures could not be taken inside". I really don't know why photography is being forbidden (I guess all museums do, but this museum is more like a playplace and doesn't contain sensitive 'Mona Lisa paintings' in it).

Good thing the rooftop area is considered as 'outside' and so we were able to take some pictures there. The main attraction in that area would be the lonely soldier robot from Laputa.
This is the only time I was able to use my newly bought d40x and so I am still having a hard time with it. Most especially at night. (above photo: the robot soldier from Laputa, with the moon hovering on its head).
[The Toshiba peeps with Laputa soldier robot]

After the visit at the museum, we went for dinner at Tachikawa city. This outing had been planned out because Jmer would be transferring to Osaka after a year's Nihonggo study at the Toshiba HRD office (Shin Yokohama). Also, ever since my arrival in Japan, we ( with Jmer, Wena and Mich) haven't gone out yet (supposed DisneySea trip last year was postponed). I was also able to meet MarvinGo, the 1st Filipino hired through Toshiba Global (1st batch). They brought along Gaurav-san who is an Indian, worked at Siemens and an MS graduate of NUS prior to working at Toshiba.

[above photo L-R: Jmer, Wena, Mich, Scion, Gaurav -- Marvin took the picture]

4 of us ordered the set while the other 2 ordered individually. At 2500yen per head (for the set), this is what we got:
1.) Ceasar salad
2.) The Genghis Khan - with the pot which is used to sort of grill the onions, togue and lamb meat. There was also a side dish with raw meat and some vegetables.
3.) Seafood composed of scallops, squid and shrimps
[food photos taken with the use of the PDA instead]

We just ordered water by the way, and so it's free. Eating out in Japan is really expensive. I remember Geoff talking about eating at a Filipino restaurant and paying 8000 yen per head or divided by 2, I don't know but either way, it's still very expensive. This is just once in a while and so it's quite okay with me.

I went home at about 1130pm. Train ride was more or less 2 hours(?), one way. hehe. This is the Ghibli sort-of-ticket souvenir I got which is a random filmstrip of a scene from Howl's Moving Castle. I believe the official distributor for Ghibli films abroad would be Walt Disney in case you may be familiar of some of their titles.

Now at least I can say I have done something over the weekend. I wonder what my next 'gala' would be...

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Can we please include (with proper credit) your photograph of this giant robot on our blog, Dark Roasted Blend - - for the article about giant robots? Please let me know - Thank you!

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