Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Smelly Pants

I just had a wonderful 3 day weekend, highlighted by the photoshoot EB last Sunday. Last night, I was able to cook a wonderful dinner for myself which led to my thinking that I am starting the week right.

I just felt all the positive vibes flowing into me on my way to work. But, Alas! When I opened my locker door, I was surprised to see no uniform in it.

We were given 2 sets of uniform each and I usually switch sets once a week. Being a Filipino, you may think it yucky if you don't change clothes daily (more so for a week) but here in Japan it's just usual to see people wearing the same clothes for days. Anyway, we work in a 'clean facility' and so we are all required to wear top to bottom uniforms (with sandals). Since we only use the uniforms inside at work (then change to civilian clothes before and after), I assure you my uniform's still clean and doesn't smell funny even for a week (the others actually don't change clothes for about 2 weeks to infinity).

What am I going to do without a uniform? I thought I had a reserve in my locker, but it turned out both sets were in my apartment, freshly laundered but useless for the day. I could have went back home to get those uniform but my work partner didn't allow me because surely I won't make it back on time.

Since I was desperate, I just went towards the locker room's laundry basket and randomly grabbed a soiled pair of pants (hoping no other employee saw me). My first pick was soo dirty (aka dugyot) and have a very large waist line, but I almost didn't care. Good thing the room became empty of other employees for a while that my partner tossed me a 'cleaner' pair from the same basket. Still, it stinked though. Perhaps the owner finally released it for laundry after 3 weeks of use. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. I just had to endure it for the whole day.

If you were in my shoes (or should we say, in those pants) what would you do? haha. kalokohan

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