Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tribute to UP on its Centennial Year

And it's all about me. hahaha! What a tribute!

This UP meme have been circulating within the blogging community in response to UP's centennial celebrations. I think I already have read 10 of them already. Now that I have no more interesting topics to write about, this would serve as a good filler post. Of course, I'm proud to be a product of UP. :) Happy 100 years!

1. Student number?

2. College?
College of Engineering
3. Course?
BS Computer Engineering Lab? Intel Microprocessors Lab (IML)
4. Nag-shift ka ba o na-kickout?
I survived.
5. Saan ka kumuha ng UPCAT?
UP Baguio
6. Favorite GE subject?
SocSci 1 (Sir Palis) -> "winner!" yung teacher eh. Bitin nga lang lagi yung klase kasi lagi siyang late dumating (aka the 730 man). STS, most students hated this subject, but it is Dr. Arcilla's main task to make STS meaningful and exciting.
7. Favorite PE?
Swimming. Now I know how to swim and even consider it as one of my hobbies. Our instructor was coach Noel of UP's very own champion swimteam. We were even taught the butterfly stroke, and for our finals, had to enudure the 'Pasmathon', a swimming and running marathon (done alternatively).
8. Saan ka nag-aabang ng hot girls sa UP?
The BE tambayan really has a nice spot in Engg, especially during registration period, hehe. But I guess nowadays, all you have to do now is to know the name of the 'chick/s' and then google for it, hoping they have friendster, multiply, etc and have loads of pictures in it.
9. Favorite prof(s)?
Dr. Augusto Yrastorza Hermosilla! (Sir nasan na kayo?), Sir Palis (winner!)!
10. Pinaka-ayaw na GE subject?
Soc Sci 2. Very boring. I was a freshie then and my prof even believes SocSci2 aren't fit for freshies. Before, it was very hard to enlist in SocSci2, but I got it easily through the CRS (with freshie priority).
11. Kumuha ka ba ng Wed or Sat classes?
Yes, mostly because of lab classes.
12. Nakapag-field trip ka ba?
Yes: Kas 2 (Temple tours within Metro Manila), Hum 2 (Lucban, Quezon for the Pahiyas Festival), Company field trips (Canon, Astec and Globe).
13. Naging CS ka na ba or US sa UP?
Nearly had been a US for a sem when I had a GWA of 1.48. Darn. And so I just had a couple of CS semesters.
14. Ano ang Org/Frat/Soro mo?
UP Circuit (My bloc G-23 dominated Ckt '01), BetaEp (batch '02b), PRIME (Eng'g political/leadership org), TennisUP (one of its founding members! woohoo!).
15. Saan ka tumatambay palagi?
Dorm, BE tambayan, Circuit tambayan, IML.
16. Dorm, Boarding house, o Bahay?
I've tried all of the above. (Kalayaan dorm -> rented flat at Brgy. Pansol -> Uncle's home in Cubao -> Molave dorm). And then there was also the Lab (IML).
17. Kung walang UPCAT test at malaya kang nakapili ng kurso mo sa UP, ano yun (Given ang mentality mo nung HS ka)?
Computer Engineering was my first choice ever since. I could not have been enrolled in UP Dil if I had chosen other courses (especially if those courses were available in Baguio City)
18. Sino ang pinaka-una mong nakilala sa UP?
JedIngking. Right after our bloc meet with BlocHandlers, IBA (who eventually abandoned us). Both of us were heading towards our freshman dorm, Kalayaan. Bisayang bisaya pa si Jed nun! Hindi pa marunong magFilipino! hahaha!
19. First play na napanood mo sa UP?
I don't know my first, perhaps 3 Sisters? I love to watch plays, even vowed to watch all DUP plays; but, because of the lack of companion/s to watch with (preferably some chick/prospect ;) ) I was only limited to watch those that were required. Except for "Tatarin", I was curious if it would be like the movie. hahaha.
20. Name the 5 most conyo orgs in UP.
Any org known to have lots of chicks.
21. Name 5 of the coolest orgs/frats/soro in UP.
Proud to be a Betan. G23-2001! (yes we are cool. Definitely the best bloc. I really feel sorry for those under the RGEP who never experienced the bloc system).
22. May frat/soro bang nag-recruit sa yo?
Well I started early... I declined/dodged earlier invites from others and chose what I think is best for me. Even up to now, my parents do not 'officially' know. My affiliations are clearly written in my Friendster profile anyway, and my brother and sister would have read it. It is something to be proud of anyway (especially now that I'm a graduate, thus in safe territory already).
23. Saan ka madalas mag-lunch?
ugh. Dorm food. At least tipid, hehehe.
24. Masaya ba sa UP?
The experience alone is definitely worth it.
25. Nakasama ka na ba sa rally?
Yes! I was one of those who were lazy enough to wake up early on a Sunday and fuss about starched hankies and white-side-walls. By the next academic year, we were no longer required to enlist in ROTC. Ahh, the triumph over the 'akala mo kung sino kapag ROTC' officers.
26. Ilang beses ka bumoto sa Student Council?
Maybe 4 times for ESC then about 2-3 times for USC.
27. Name at least 5 leftist groups in UP.
STANDUP, LFS, ANAKBAYAN, I dunno... usually they come together and it's already hard to distinguish one from the other.
28. Pinangarap mo rin bang mag-laude nung freshman ka?
Of course. I was a promising student back then.
29. Kanino ka pinaka-patay sa UP?
MayeeCrisostomo. The southern lass from CdO. A true beauty inside and out. She was our Kalai batch 2001's official goddess of beauty.
30. Kung di ka UP, anong school ka?
Saint Louis University in Baguio City. It was like my automatic destination, being a Louisian since Grade School. I only 'tried' to take the UPCAT, and then when I passed, there was no turning back.

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